Is Jake Burton still alive?

November 20, 2019Jake Burton Carpenter / Date of death

How can I watch Burton One World?

Burton’s new snowboard film, “One World,” is available to rent or purchase via Amazon Prime. With an Amazon Prime subscription, fans can watch the film for free. The movie also can be purchased for $4.99.

How much is Jake Burton worth?

approximately $700 million
Burton, owned equally by Jake and Donna at the time of his death, is valued at approximately $700 million. Carpenter got hooked on riding boards at age 14, when he bought a Snurfer.

How old is Jake Carpenter?

65 years (1954–2019)Jake Burton Carpenter / Age at death

Who is Jake Burton’s wife?

Donna CarpenterJake Burton Carpenter / Wife

Who is the father of snowboarding?

Jake Burton
The legacy of Jake Burton, the “father of snowboarding”

What is Burton oneworld?

999 Ideas, 72 Days, 32 Riders, One World: A Film by Burton celebrates the global connection we all share through our love of snowboarding, our respect for the environment, and our desire to discover what’s next. Watch the full movie.

Where was Burton oneworld filmed?

We waited until summer 2020 when we knew how to safely navigate filming during COVID times, so we set up two park shoots, one in Austria and one in Mt. Hood.

Who is the CEO of Burton?

John Lacy (Oct 2018–)
Donna Carpenter (Feb 1, 2016–)
Burton Snowboards/CEO

Who runs Burton now?

President Donna Carpenter
Privately held and owned by Jake and his wife, Burton President Donna Carpenter, Burton’s headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont with offices in Austria, Japan, Australia, California, Canada and China. For more information, visit

Is Burton still privately owned?

That is to say: Burton is a privately-owned company. This means we don’t have to answer to shareholders or shady investors, and our leadership can be as forthcoming as they want about the direction of the business and the brand.