Is Jinyoung an actor?

Park Jin-young (born September 22, 1994), known mononymously as Jinyoung, and formerly as Jr. and Junior, is a South Korean singer, actor, and songwriter. He is a member of the boy band Got7 and boy band duo JJ Project. He made his acting debut in the drama Dream High 2 (2012) followed by a series of supporting roles …

Who is Choi Jinyoung GOT7?

Choi Jin-young (Korean: 최진영; November 17, 1970 – March 29, 2010) was a South Korean actor and singer….

Choi Jin-young
Died March 29, 2010 (aged 39) Seoul, South Korea
Cause of death Suicide by hanging
Other names SKY
Education Kyungwon College – Creative Writing (dropout) Hanyang University – Theatre

What drama is Jinyoung?

Prior to his music debut, Jinyoung made his acting debut in the 2012 television drama “Dream High 2” and has since starred in “When a Man Loves” (2013) and “My Love Eun Dong” (2015). He also is a popular guest on variety shows.

Is Jinyoung fluent in English?

Jin-young is one of Got7’s multilingual members, along with Jackson, Mark and Bambam. He says he taught himself English so he could easily communicate with fans around the world and be able to answer questions in interviews. He has been known to prepare goodbye speeches in English during the group’s world tour.

How old is Yugyeom GOT7?

24 years (November 17, 1997)Kim Yugyeom / Age

Is Choi Jinyoung dead?

March 29, 2010Choi Jin-young / Date of death

Who can speak English in GOT7?

Jackson, Mark, and Bambam are also members of Got7. The English language was taught to him so he could communicate with fans around the world and answer questions in interviews more easily. He often wrote goodbyes in English while the band was on tour.

What is psy height?

5′ 7″PSY / Height