Is kamboj a Jatt?

In Punjab kamboj exists as subcaste of sikh jatt community or the punjabi farming community. People in this community call them kambo jatt or jatt or only kambo.

Is kamboj a Punjabi?

Kamboj is an ethnic group from Punjab that is mainly found in India and Pakistan. Many people from this caste use Kamboj and Kamboh as their surname both in India and Pakistan; be they Hindu, Muslim or Sikh.

Which caste is kamboj in Haryana?

List of Backward Classes in Haryana State (Category Symbol, BC-A) Block “A”

1 Aheria, Aheri, Heri, Naik, Thori or Turi Hari 37
32 Kanjar or Kanchan 68
33 Kurmi 69
34 Kumhar, Prajapati 70
35 Kamboj 71

What is Kamboj community?

Noun. Kamboj (plural Kambojs or Kamboj) A member of a particular Kshatriya community of people living in northwestern India and in Pakistan and Afghanistan, generally considered to be descended from the Kambojas.

Is kamboj higher than Jatt?

Punjabi khatri and kamboj is kshatriyas community. Punjabi khatri due to certain circumstances and conditions invested in business. Kamboj community do agriculture. Jatt is Higher class shudra community.

Is Thind a Jatt last name?

Thind (ਥਿੰਦ/थिंद) is Jat Gotra in Punjab.

Is kamboj a Hindu?

The Kambojas (Sanskrit: कम्बोज) were a tribe of Iron Age India, frequently mentioned in Sanskrit and Pali literature….

Kingdom of Kamboja
Kambojas and other Mahajanapadas in the Post-Vedic period.
Capital Rajapura
Common languages Sanskrit
Religion Hinduism Buddhism Jainism

Who are kamboj in India?

The Kambojas (Sanskrit: कम्बोज) were a tribe of Iron Age India, frequently mentioned in Sanskrit and Pali literature. The tribe coalesced to become one of the shodhasha (sixteen) Mahajanapadas (great kingdoms) of ancient India mentioned in the Anguttara Nikaya.

Are kamboj from Cambodia?

The Khmer Kampuchea is derived from the ancient Khmer kingdom of Kambuja (Kambujadesa). Kambuja or Kamboja is the ancient Sanskrit name of the Kambojas, an early tribe of north India, named after their founder Kambu Svayambhuva, believed to be a variant of Cambyses. See Etymology of Kamboja.

Are kamboj Aryans?

Ethnicity and language The ancient Kambojas were probably of Indo-Iranian origin. They are sometimes specifically described as Indo-Aryans and sometimes as having both Indian and Iranian affinities. The Kambojas are also described as a royal clan of the Sakas.

Are kamboj Rajputs?

Numerous of their clan names overlap with other Kshatriyas and the Rajput castes of the north-west India, thereby suggesting that some of the Kshatriya/Rajput clans of north-west must have descended from the Ancient Kambojas.