Is Loux a soda?

This Loux Lemon Soda is carbonated juice made with natural fruit and high-quality Greek spring water. This Greek Lemonade has a wonderful, authentic flavor.

Does Loux have caffeine?

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, colour: caramel E150d, acidifying agent: phosphoric acid, flavorings(contain caffeine).

What is EPSA drink?

Epsa (Greek: ΕΨΑ) is the name of a Greek non-alcoholic beverage company based in the city of Volos. Initially based on lemonades, today it produces various beverages and natural juices. It is one of the most historical beverage companies of Greece.

What does Loux mean?

The name may be a diminutive of the personal name Lukas, used as a surname to mean “son of Laux.” Alternatively, the name may be of nickname origin, deriving from the German word “Luchs,” meaning “lynx.” In this case, the name would have been first borne by someone with keen eyesight.

What is Greek soda?

Greek soft drinks are often made with high concentrations of real fruit juice. They are commonly made with local fruits, real sugar, and very often even natural local spring water – traits which in other parts of the world would see them labeled as “craft” or “artisanal”, and with a price to match.

What is traditional Greek drink?

Ouzo is considered the national drink of Greece. In technical terms, it is either produced by partial distillation or the admixture of plain alcohol with aromatic herbs.

What is Turkish Gazoz?

Gazoz is a Turkish lemonade variety, where Uludağ Gazoz is the most well known. The word Gazoz is based on the French word gazeuse or in English gaseous; in the Turkish language, it generally refers to carbonated sweetened lemonade of any kind.

What is a Greek soda?

Description. This Loux Gazoza Soda is a soft drink made with sugar along with lemon and lime flavor. Made with excellent quality water this refreshment is popular in Greece since 1950.

What does Gazoza taste like?

Gazoza* is one of the most popular soft drinks served in Crete – it’s a clear drink like Sprite, with a ‘cream soda’ taste.

Why does Coke taste different in Greece?

It is possible for the same soft drink to vary slightly in taste due to other factors such as the temperature at which it is consumed, the foods with which it is consumed, or the conditions in which it is stored prior to consumption.

How do you pronounce Loux?

lOWks – The OW pronounced like you hurt yourself.