Is Maryborough worth visiting?

Whether you come here to walk through its heritage streets, browse its art galleries or attend its markets and festivals, Maryborough is worth a little detour if you are exploring the Fraser Coast.

What is Maryborough famous for?

Historic city on the Mary River now noted for its connections with Mary Poppins. Maryborough is known as the ‘Heritage City’ and although it isn’t as grand as Queensland’s two premier ‘Heritage Cities’ – Rockhampton and Charters Towers – it actually predates them both by decades.

Why is Mary Poppins in Maryborough?

Located on the corner of Kent and Richmond streets a statue of Mary Poppins stands proudly as recognition of Maryborough’s link with the famous nanny. PL Travers was born Helen Lyndon Goff in Maryborough in 1899. Mary Poppins has universal appeal.

What is near Maryborough?

Queens Park. 146.

  • Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary. 128.
  • Mary Ann Steam Locomotive. Historic Sites.
  • Brennan and Geraghty’s Store Museum. History Museums.
  • Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum. 115.
  • Mary Poppins Statue. Monuments & Statues.
  • Bond Store Museum. Speciality Museums.
  • Maryborough Markets.
  • What is there to do in Wide Bay?

    20 top things to do in Hervey Bay

    • Whale Watching. Possibly the thing Hervey Bay is best known for is the whale watching.
    • Fraser Island.
    • Urangan Pier.
    • Sunrise on Dundowran Beach.
    • Get out on the bay.
    • Botanic gardens.
    • WetSide water park.
    • Arkarra Lagoon.

    Are trains running from Maryborough to Brisbane?

    Yes, there is a direct train departing from Maryborough West and arriving at Brisbane Roma Street. Services depart four times a day, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 3h 52m.

    Does Maryborough have a beach?

    A popular fishing spot for locals and visitors alike, Dundowran is located just outside Hervey Bay 27 km north of Maryborough. This small beachside community is also a perfect spot for those who want a secluded beach experience.

    What’s it like living in Maryborough Qld?

    Overall, Maryborough is a little bit of a blended town with a higher population than some other towns but not quite as high as bigger city areas of Queensland. For people who are looking for a suburban setting, then Maryborough is the perfect place to live.

    Is Maryborough named after Mary Poppins?

    The city’s first Mary was Mary Fitzroy, for whom the city and river were named. BEFORE Mary Poppins became synonymous with Maryborough, the delicate, feminine name was still an important part of the city’s history. The city’s first Mary was Mary Fitzroy, for whom the city and river were named.

    Who is the statue in Mary Poppins?

    P. L. Travers who was born Helen Lyndon Goff in Maryborough in 1899. The statue it is a tribute to the literary skills of P. L. Travers and the amazing worldwide success of the series of Mary Poppins novels.

    What is the population of Maryborough?

    The 2020 Estimated Resident Population for Maryborough is 27,299, with a population density of 170.5 persons per square km.