Is MCV high in thalassemia?

Both conditions can have a low red blood cell volume (MCV) and a low amount of hemoglobin per red cell (MCH). Patient with thalassemia trait can have a high red blood cell count and mild or no anemia.

Is MCV normal in thalassemia?

Compared to iron deficiency anemia, patients with thalassemia have a lower MCV, a normal or elevated red blood cell count (rather than low), a more abnormal peripheral blood smear at modest levels of anemia, and usually a reticulocytosis.

What is MCV for thalassemia?

The MCV is usually less than 75 fl with thalassemia and rarely less than 80 fl in iron deficiency until the hematocrit is less than 30 percent. For children, the Mentzer index (MCV/red blood cell count) can help distinguish between iron deficiency and thalassemia.

How does thalassemia affect MCV?

The MCV is decreased in iron-deficiency anemia and in thalassemia minor and normal or decreased in chronic disease. The FEP is increased in iron-deficiency anemia and in chronic disease and normal in thalassemia.

What is mild thalassemia?

Overview. Thalassemia (thal-uh-SEE-me-uh) is an inherited blood disorder that causes your body to have less hemoglobin than normal. Hemoglobin enables red blood cells to carry oxygen. Thalassemia can cause anemia, leaving you fatigued. If you have mild thalassemia, you might not need treatment.

What is the normal range of thalassemia?

Hematologic Diagnosis Thalassemia intermedia is characterized by Hb level between 7 and 10 g/dl, MCV between 50 and 80 fl and MCH between 16 and 24 pg. Thalassemia minor is characterized by reduced MCV and MCH, with increased Hb A2 level [29].

Why is RBC high in thalassemia?

In beta-thalassemia major, anemia is severe, often with hemoglobin ≤ 6 g/dL (≤ 60 g/L). Red blood cell count is elevated relative to hemoglobin because the cells are very microcytic.

Does thalassemia cause high ferritin levels?

Results: 87.4% of the beta thalassaemia major patients showed very high ferritin levels. The mean serum ferritin level was found to be 2767.52 ng/ml. 44.4% patients had serum ferritin between 1000 to 2500 ng/ml, while 43.05% patients had values above 2500 ng/ml.

Is ferritin high in thalassemia minor?

In patients with minor thalassemia and non-transfusion-dependent hemoglobinopathy, the prevalence of iron deficiency is lower due to serum ferritin levels compared to the normal population. High and very high ferritin is more common in intermediate thalassemia and hemoglobin H and sickle cells.

How do you rule out thalassemia?

If your doctor suspects your child has thalassemia, he or she can confirm a diagnosis with blood tests. Blood tests can reveal the number of red blood cells and abnormalities in size, shape or color. Blood tests can also be used for DNA analysis to look for mutated genes.