Is Mercury 4 strokes good?

The mid range Merc four strokes are very good reliable motors. They can be tricky to get propped correctly, so if you go this rout, make sure your dealer will let you try different props till you get the right set up.

Does Mercury make a 4-stroke outboard?

Backed by decades of marine power innovation and product leadership, Mercury FourStroke outboards (2.5hp to 300hp) deliver legendary performance and forward-thinking technology.

What year did Mercury go to 4-stroke?

When the phased-in environmental regulations on marine engines took effect in 1996, Mercury was able to meet the new requirements with a complete four-stroke outboard line, complemented by its first-to-market, low-emissions, direct-injection two-stroke OptiMax technology.

How much is a Mercury 4-stroke outboard?

Mercury 150CXL FourStroke | Now $20,2090.00*CALL FOR AVAILABILITY*

Are 2-stroke outboards better than 4-stroke?

Because a 2-stroke engine only uses two piston strokes to generate one revolution of crankshaft power, it generates much more power than a 4-stroke engine of the same horsepower. This gives 2-strokes better top-end speed and acceleration. 2-stroke outboards are ideal for use on smaller boats.

How much does a 4 hp Mercury outboard weight?

57 Pounds
4hp 4-Stroke Outboard, 15″ Shaft Length

Horsepower 4 Horsepower
Length 15 Inch Shaft Short Shaft
Type 4 Stroke
Warranty Details Three Years Corrosion Three Years Limited
Weight 57 Pounds

Who makes Mercury 4-stroke?

in Cypress–the U.S. arm of Japan’s Yamaha Motor Co. Mercury Marine is owned by Brunswick Co., an Illinois-based maker of powerboats. The companies said they are developing the four-stroke engines because they burn more cleanly than the two-stroke engines that power most outboards.

When did Yamaha make 4-stroke outboards?

Yamaha first began work on developing 4-stroke outboard motors in 1980. In 1984, it launched production of a 232 cc engine with 9.9 horsepower, the F9.

When did Mercury stop making 2-stroke engines?

Mercury actually quit building all of its traditional two-strokes, from 2.5 hp to 200 hp, following the 2005 model year.

When was the first 4-stroke outboard made?

Four stroke outboards In 1964, Honda Motor Co. introduced its first four-stroke powerhead. In 1984, Yamaha introduced their first four-stroke powerhead. These motors were only available in the smaller horsepower range.