Is Microtech going out of business?

Microtech has designed knives for use by the US Military such as the HALO, UDT, SOCOM and Currahee models….Microtech Small Arms Research.

Type Privately held company
Defunct March 2015
Headquarters Fletcher, NC
Key people Tony Marfione
Products Firearms and firearms accessories

What knife is John Wick using?

The Marfione Custom Continental Set features custom versions of Microtech OTF automatic knives used in the John Wick movies. Alongside the Ultratech and Combat Troodon is a set of three 24kt gold plated challenge coins and one seriously tactical pencil.

What is so special about Microtech knives?

Microtech Knives is a brand acclaimed for high tolerance levels in construction, high quality parts, and non-conformist design aesthetics. Many consider the production line-up of Microtech Knives to be automatic OTF (out-the-front) abundant, with manual folders following behind slightly in mass recognition.

Who is Anthony marfione?

The legendary founder of the Microtech brand Anthony Marfione. Marfione Custom Knives, LLC is a brand of custom knives by Anthony Marfione, founder of the now-legendary American company Microtech Knives, Inc. Since childhood, Marfione adored pocket knives and already at school began to collect them.

Is benchmade or Microtech better?

If you’re looking for an OTF knife with a customized blade shape and a high-quality grip, get one from the Microtech range. However, if you want to get a slightly more affordable product, made from durable stainless steel and with a standardized shape, opt for a Benchmade OTF knife.

Is Microtech American?

“Made in the USA” Means Better Quality Control The Socom Delta is the flagship knife for Microtech’s USA-made folders and remains one of, if not the, signature model for the company. Americans build Microtech’s knives, such as the Ultratech out-the-front (OTF) auto and Socom Delta tactical folder.

What’s the difference between Microtech and marfione?

Microtech® Knives and Marfione Custom Knives® are two revered names in the knife industry, known for quality and design above all else. Microtech® Knives was formed in 1994. Marfione Custom Knives® was created after, with a specific focus on fine, collectible pieces.

Who is the owner of Microtech?

Tony Jimenez
As founder and CEO of Microtech, an IT services company that works primarily with the U.S. government, Tony Jimenez has hobnobbed with Presidents and generals.