Is MSP safe?

There are some security issues, but they aren’t as bad as they were years ago. However, ultimately, this is not a game for na├»ve children. If your child is mature and knowledgeable enough to not fall for predatory tricks, generic bullying, and overall rude language, they’ll be fine.

Who is the Dolly MSP?

The Dolly was believed to have been a hacker on MSP (CA, US). Despite being extremely popular, there is very little to indicate whether The Dolly actually ever hacked.

Is MovieStarPlanet Safe 2021?

What is MovieStarPlanet? The website explains that “MovieStarPlanet is a safe, creative, and social online playground for children.” – MovieStarPlanet forum. MovieStarPlanet is hazard towards your children.

Is it safe to buy VIP on MovieStarPlanet?

When you are VIP you can buy additional StarCoins and Diamonds. Please be aware that to make a purchase on MovieStarPlanet, you must have permission from a parent or legal guardian. Payments on MovieStarPlanet follows international standards for safety and fraud protection.

Who is Mybeau?

Mybeau is on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star), and is 1st on the US high scores board, after passing the user Pumpchkin. Currently, her account is owned by her cousin, Samantha.