Is Multisim free for students?

With a database of over 30,000 community circuits, you can immediately turn inspiration into simulation. Try it now for free!

Does PSpice have Multisim?

They both are Spice type analog simulators. The difference is the interface and some of the advanced features. My opinion is that Multisim has an easier to use and more intuitive graphical interface.

Is Multisim and PSpice same?

Multisim is a SPICE simulator and it supports PSPICE models and here are some differences: – Multisim easier to use, you don’t need to know SPICE to use the tool.

How do you write PSpice codes?

Execute PSPICE using the circuit file created as the input.

  1. PSpice Netlist (Circuit) File Format:
  2. Vxxx N1 N2 DC [VALUE]
  3. Vxxx N1 N2 AC [VALUE]
  4. Vxxx N1 N2 SIN(VO VA [Freq[Td[Df[Phase]]]])
  5. Vxxx N1 N2 EXP (V1 V2 [Td1[Td2[Tau2]]])
  6. Vxxx N1 N2 PWL (T1 V1 {Tu Vu]…)
  7. Vxxx N1 N2 PULSE (V1 V2 [Td[Tr[Tf[PW[Period]]]]])

How do I find my Multisim serial number?

If you have individual seats of Multisim Education Edition, your serial number will be located on the DVD sleeve which was shipped to you.

Is Multisim free or paid?


Price Sign Up for Free $9.99/month $99.99/year
Access Free Premium can also be activated with a serial number if you have an active software support contract from an Academic Site License or a purchased desktop version.
Create Circuits
SPICE Simulation

How do you get Vout Multisim?

In Multisim, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. In the AC Analysis dialog box, set the “Vertical Scale” to “Decibel”
  2. Select the “Output” tab.
  3. In the “Variables in Circuit” section, select “V(Vout)” parameter.
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. Click on the Simulate button. You will now see your simulation data (Figure 9)

What is pspice Multisim?