Is Nichiha siding expensive?

Now, let’s look at pricing. Nichiha siding jobs tend to cost less than James Hardie jobs; Nichiha averages about $7.97 per square foot while James Hardie averages $9.21 per square foot. Please note that these costs may differ depending on the styles, textures, and colors you choose.

How much does it cost to install Nichiha panels?

Cost to Install Nichiha typically offers competitive pricing, especially compared to other top fiber cement siding brands, such as James Hardie and Allura. In most cases, it will cost about $7.5-10 per sq. ft. on the installation and materials for most of their products.

What is Nichiha made of?

Specifically, Nichiha fiber cement panels are made from a patented composite of cement, fly ash, silica, recycled materials and wood fibers.

Where is Nichiha made?

‘ Nichiha USA, Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary corporation of the Nichiha Corporation, which maintains 11 manufacturing plants in Japan and two in China. The Nichiha Corporation, a technologically advanced worldwide fiber cement company, has been manufacturing fiber cement products in Japan for more than 30 years.

What is Nichiha?

Nichiha fiber cement siding can enhance the look of any home—from single family to multifamily to custom homes—we have a solution for you. Our versatile product lines offer colors, textures, and finishes to complement any style. Let Nichiha help bring your next design to life.

How do you cut Nichiha panels?

Always cut fiber cement panels outside and with a dust-collecting HEPA vacuum system. Do not cut the products in an enclosed area. Use a dust-reducing circular saw with diamond-tipped or carbide-tipped fiber cement saw blades. Always clean panels after cutting.

How long has Nichiha been around?

Corporate History

June 1956 Nippon Hardboard Co., Ltd. is incorporated with the goal of using wood resources efficiently. Construction of Nagoya Plant starts at Shiodomecho, Minatoku, Nagoya.
December 1996 The company is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
May 1998 NICHIHA USA, Inc. is founded.

How long will fiber cement siding last?

50 years
Fiber cement siding typically lasts up to 50 years if it is properly installed and well maintained. The initial investment in this strong siding pays off for decades. It will beautify your home and protect it from the elements.

Is Nichiha siding primed?

Primed Siding for Exterior Protection Fiber cement panels from Nichiha and Hardie both come primed, but Nichiha panels include a second coat of primer for added protection. Even with a double coat of primer, the details of the wood grain on the Nichiha panel still stand out beautifully.