Is Paphos Greek or Turkish?

Paphos /ˈpæfɒs/ (Greek: Πάφος [ˈpafos] , Cypriot Turkish: Baf) is a coastal city in southwest Cyprus and the capital of Paphos District. In classical antiquity, two locations were called Paphos: Old Paphos, today known as Kouklia, and New Paphos….Paphos.

Paphos Πάφος (Greek) Baf (Turkish)
Area 162.0171 ha

Is Paphos a good holiday destination?

Situated on the south-west coast of Cyprus, Paphos is the ideal holiday destination for families seeking sunshine and relaxation. Yet there is more to Paphos than that: lovers of archaeology, history and culture will find a wealth of attractions.

Is Paphos or Larnaca better?

Paphos has more ancient sights and bigger hotels but most beaches are rocky while Larnaca is all grey sand. Have a look at beach resorts of Ayia Napa or Protaras as the teenagers will have more to do.

Is Paphos Cyprus worth visiting?

A lot of people love Paphos because it is a location that has so much to offer. There is something for all people to enjoy. No matter whether you prefer to lounge on the beach or you are someone who likes to spend their time exploring; you will love it. Paphos is great for couples, families and large group vacations.

What language is spoken in Paphos?

Cyprus has two official languages: Greek and Turkish. The island is divided into two, and the Cypriot Turks live to the north, the Greek Cypriots to the south. Around 2.7% of each also speak the minority languages Armenian and Arabic, and most of these also speak Greek.

Is Paphos a party town?

Cyprus is home to some of the best nightlife in the Mediterranean, with Ayia Napa offering some of the craziest events and clubs you can find. Nightlife in Paphos is a bit different, it’s more chilled out than the rest of the island, and it’s more about stylish hangouts in great locations than all-night parties.

Which is better Paphos or Ayia Napa?

Paphos hotel is more luxury, but the beaches not very nice, they are rocky. Ayia napa hotel is being refurbished at the moment (nov 17). It is getting very tired so is in need of it. The location is nice, beaches are lovely compared to paphos.

Is Cyprus divided into two?

Cyprus has been divided, de facto, into the Greek Cypriot controlled southern two-thirds of the island and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus a third. The Republic of Cyprus is the internationally recognised government of the Republic of Cyprus, that controls the southern two-thirds of the island.