Is Reddy Ice still in business?

Today. Reddy Ice still stands on our original foundations that made us the company we are today. Since the early 1900’s we have made innovation, exceptional products and outstanding customer service our top priorities.

Who owns Reddy Ice?

Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc.Reddy Ice / Parent organization

How many locations does Reddy Ice have?

82,000 customer locations
Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc. is the largest packaged ice manufacturer in the United States, serving approximately 82,000 customer locations under the Reddy Ice brand name.

What kind of ice is Reddy Ice?

Reddy Ice’s Crystal Classic Gourmet Packaged Ice is perfect for your favorite beverage. These square ice cubes undergo processes to ensure its purity is maintained. We go to great lengths to provide an ice that is cloudlessly clear, slow to melt, and won’t water down your favorite beverage or dilute its flavor.

Where is Reddy Ice headquarters?

Dallas, TXReddy Ice / Headquarters

Who invented Reddy Ice?

Southland was founded in 1927 by Joseph C. Thompson and a group of investors. The operation included eight ice plants and 21 retail ice docks. The idea behind the company was to sell block ice to customers who owned automobiles.

Who is the CEO of Reddy Ice?

Deborah Conklin (Oct 2017–)
Gilbert M. Cassagne (Jun 23, 2008–)
Reddy Ice/CEO

Is Reddy Ice safe to drink?

All Reddy Ice products are fit for human consumption and our processes follow all established standards set forward by the FDA for food products.

Does Sonic still sell ice?

Yes, the popular ice from Sonic (if you know, you know) is available in a large, 10-pound bag at select sonic locations!

Does Walgreens sell bags of ice?

Yes, you can find bags of ice for use in your drinks or in a cooler at most Walgreens locations, though the size of the bag and the type of ice, crushed or cubed, may differ depending on your local area. A common size bag is 5 lbs of ice cubes.

What does Reddy Ice do?

Reddy Ice is the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice products in the United States – offering a scope of service ranging from packaged ice to block ice and cold storage.

Is Reddy Ice safe to eat?