Is Samurai 7 finished?

The Funimation Channel aired the series on September 6, 2010. It began airing on Adult Swim’s revived Toonami block on August 19, 2012 and ended its run on February 10, 2013.

Who is the MC in Samurai 7?

Okamoto Katsushiro

Katsushiro Okamoto
First appearance
Last appearance
Voice actor Romi Park (Japanese) Sean Michael Teague (English)

How many seasons is Samurai 7?


Season Episodes
1 26

Is kikuchiyo a samurai?

Kikuchiyo is a machine samurai with a mechanized exoskeleton who officially became the seventh member of the titular group after revealing his background as a former peasants.

Is Samurai 7 a good anime?

Fun and Enjoyable Adaptation of Seven Samurai! First of all, this is definitely a high quality anime series that does have the blessings of the Kurosawa family. At first I was unsure about the story being changed into some sort of fantasy future.

Does Netflix have 7 samurai?

Netflix added 35 more films from the Criterion Collection to its streaming video service on Monday. Among the films now instantly available to Netflix streaming customers (a service available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) are Ingmar Bergman’s chess vs.

Who is the real Vash the Stampede?

Vash is not human, but a human-like plant, inter-dimensional beings that are tapped as a source of power and energy. As a Plant, his body does not physically age past his mid-twenties, though he is 131 by the time the series begins.

Does Vash end up with Meryl?

Do Vash and Meryl end up together? Yes, he did, but Legato’s mission was to get him there, whether or not he had the girls there. It would likely have happened anyway, and the fact that Vash killed him to save them isn’t really romantic at all.