Is Team America OK for kids?

Parents need to that although kids who watch South Park might be intrigued by this raunchy, over-the-top puppet action comedy from the show’s creators, it’s absolutely not age-appropriate for young viewers.

What is the name of the musical in Team America?

“The End of an Act” takes pot-shots at both 80s macho posturing and Michael Bay, re-creating the stylized sound of Berlin from Top Gun while proclaiming the film-makers utter disdain for the movie Pearl Harbor.

What is the vomit Team America?

In the overhead shot of Gary lying in the giant puddle of vomit, it is actually Trey Parker wearing a pair of fake legs so his proportions more closely match those of the marionettes. The “vomit” was a mixture of soup and beer.

How does Alec Baldwin feel about Team America?

One day you’ll all look at the world us actors created and say, “wow, good going, fag. You really made the world a better place, didntcha, fag?”” Alec Baldwin is an actor and one of the members and main leader of the F.A.G. (Film Actor’s Guild) who hate Team America.

Does Team America World Police have nudity?

SEX/NUDITY 9 – Please note that all the characters are marionettes, thus some detail is limited with respect to body parts and sexual activity: A man and a woman kiss, we see them nude (we see her bare breasts and his bare buttocks, but they are not anatomically correct otherwise) lying in a bed and they kiss; in a …

Is there nudity in Team America World Police?

Sex & Nudity (8) In the uncut version the scene is longer and includes the two puppets urinating and defecating on each other. (The only way to get the uncut version is on Amazon Prime Video). A musical number is sung about AIDS and the many deaths it has caused.

What did Kim Jong think of Team America?

The real-life Kim Jong-il was known to be an avid film viewer — he reportedly asked the Czech Republic to ban Team America: World Police after he had watched it. However, to that date, Jong-il has never publicly spoken of his feelings about the film and never did.

What did Michael Moore think of Team America?

Michael Moore despised Team America and protested against them. He attended the angry demonstration against them outside Team America’s base at Mount Rushmore. In an interview with World Evening News hosted by Peter Jennings, he called Team America fascists and declared that they should be completely brought down.

Why is Team America World Police rated R?

”Team America” finally earns an R rating To appease the ratings board, the filmmakers had to recut the scene at issue, which reportedly involves simulated oral sex, nine times, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Will there ever be a team America 2?

New Netflix movie America: The Motion Picture is basically the Team America sequel we never got | GamesRadar+

What did George Clooney think of Team America?

“We’ve all done action films. If anyone tries to get in our way, we’ll show ’em just how tough us actors really are.” George Clooney is an actor and a member of the F.A.G. (Film Actor’s Guild) who hate Team America.

How many swear words are in Team America World Police?

LANGUAGE 10 – 62 F-words and its derivatives, 12 sexual references, 9 scatological terms, 59 anatomical terms, 14 mild obscenities, 14 derogatory terms for homosexuals (some are in an ongoing play on words referring to the Film Actors Guild as F.A.G.), 1 derogatory term for African-Americans, 6 religious profanities.