Is TeraCopy faster than Windows 7?

It may seem crazy if you’re coming from XP/Vista, but our tests showed that Windows 7 is more than capable of handling large files on its own. When shooting for a larger number of files, TeraCopy ekes out ahead of Windows by a small margin.

Is TeraCopy better than Windows copy?

Yes, TeraCopy is a faster data transfer tool than Windows 10. In HowToGeek, there was actually a battle of file copiers where a large number of files were tried and tested using the regular Windows Copier and TeraCopy.

Which is the latest version of TeraCopy?


Stable release 3.9 / 2 January 2022
Operating system Windows Vista and later Windows Server 2008 and later
Platform IA-32, x86-64
Size 7.98 MB
Type Utility software

Where can I download TeraCopy software?

Teracopy for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free.

How much does TeraCopy cost?

How to order

TeraCopy Pro for Windows $24.95 Buy
Direct Folders Pro for Windows $19.95 Buy

Does TeraCopy copy faster?

One of the advantages of using TeraCopy to copy or move is its speed. It has features that enable you to perform copying or moving files and folders faster than working with Explorer, especially when copying multiple items from multiple sources.

Which copy software is the fastest?

Fastest File Copiers (Local)

  1. FastCopy. FastCopy has been tested by many people and the results show that it is far the fastest copying program out there for Windows.
  2. ExtremeCopy Standard. ExtremeCopy Standard is a free and does a very good job of doing local data transfers really fast.
  3. KillCopy.

How do I copy files using TeraCopy?

The first is to open the TeraCopy user interface and drag the files or folder you want to copy into TeraCopy. From there you can copy them over by clicking the Copy or Move button and selecting a location. Another way to use TeraCopy is right click on the folder you want to transfer then select TeraCopy from the menu.

How do I activate TeraCopy?

You can change between TeraCopy and the default Windows copy function by launching TeraCopy, rightclicking on its interface, hitting Preferences, and toggling “Use TeraCopy as default copy handler”.

How can I make Windows 7 copy faster?

Thankfully, you can supercharge the process with a few alternative methods that can help move and copy your files much faster.

  1. Robocopy (Robust File Copy)
  2. Upgrade Hardware Drives.
  3. Copying App.
  4. Compress Your Files First.
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Why should I use TeraCopy?

What is TeraCopy used for?

Teracopy is “file transfer utility”, a tool for copying or moving digital content, that provides an alternative to the built-in (and more limited) functionality that is available within Windows Explorer.