Is the BXM1 an express bus?

BXM1 (MTA New York City Transit – Express routes)

What express bus goes to the Bronx?

The BX41 is the first Bus that goes to BxM4- MTA Express Bus To Midtown in Bronx.

Is the BXM2 an express bus?

BXM2 line Bus fare MTA New York City Transit – Express routes BXM2 (West Midtown Penn Sta-34 St Via Kappock St) ride fare is about $6.75.

Does MTA Bus Time app still work?

MTA Bus Time, currently available for Staten Island, the Bronx, the B63 and B61 in Brooklyn, and M34/M34A in Manhattan, is available via SMS text message on any cell phone, or on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and any other Internet-enabled smartphone via Bus Time for Mobile.

How much is The Bronx express bus?

$6.75 each direction
Mass Transit For your return trip, pick up the bus just outside the same gate at the MTA BxM11 sign (just before the underpass). Please note, fare for an Express Bus ride is $6.75 each direction.

How do you pay for the BxM2 bus?

Steve Black drives a BxM2 express bus in North Riverdale, part of a fleet that no longer accept coins as a form of payment. Riders will have to use either a pay-per-ride or a weekly express bus MetroCard to board.

How do I use the mta bus Time app?

Just scan it using a smartphone equipped with a QR reader app and get information on how many stops away the next bus is. Or just visit using a mobile web browser on your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone.

Is NYC transit app free?

(free; iPhone, Android) When you open the app in the morning, all of the information you need—including any delays on your usual routes—will be readily available.

How much is the bus fare for seniors in NYC?

With a MetroCard, seniors pay the reduced fare of $1.35 per ride, but further discounts are available by using multi-trip cards and you have the convenience of not carrying exact change. For seniors who take the BxM4C express bus to New York City during non-peak hours, the fare is just $3.75, coins or MetroCard.

What is the official MTA App?

MyMTA app
The MyMTA app — available on Android and iOS devices — and the site,, provide optimal directions and routes for the entire subway, bus, LIRR and Metro-North systems as well as New Jersey Transit, PATH and ferries, according to Veronique Hakim, the MTA’s managing director.