Is the grand warden good COC?

The Grand Warden has low health and low damage, but he has a Life Aura to support troops. Thus, he is better suited as support. Deploy him behind the tanks like Golems, Giants or Barbarian King to let him stay alive so his Life Aura will keep on supporting them. This is why he is never placed in the front of the army.

How important is the grand warden?

The Grand Warden is the third hero in the game, being weak in physical strength but extremely powerful in support. His ability, Eternal Tome renders all friendly troops within his aura invincible to damage for a short time.

Why does Grand Warden turn into a statue?

When under attack, the Grand Warden will quickly return to his Altar and turn to a statue that functions as a defense but with his Life Aura still in effect to friendly Heroes and Clan Castle troops.

What level does the grand warden get good?

I would prioritize your grand warden until he’s level 20. It isn’t until he’s level 15 that you really notice how much stronger your army is with him in range behind them. He has 2 modes, ground and air.

How long does the grand warden ability last?

Grand Warden

Level Damage per Second Build Time
44 275 7 days 12 hours
45 279 7 days 12 hours
46 283 8 days
47 287 8 days

What does Grand Warden target?

ground/air troops
The Grand Warden is not inspired by any regular troops; instead, he is a support Hero that becomes extremely important as you level him up. He is a long-range, single target unit that targets ground/air troops and features 2 exclusive abilities: Life Aura and Eternal Tome.

How long does it take to build a grand warden?

Grand Warden

Level Damage per Second Build Time
8 66 1 days 6 hours
9 69 1 days 12 hours
10 72 2 days
11 75 2 days 12 hours

What is max level Grand Warden th11?

30 to 40
Grand warden maximum level increased from 30 to 40. A breakdown of the upgrade costs and times for town hall 11 can be found below.

How long does the Grand Warden take to build?

What is max level Grand Warden th12?

Town Hall 12 Archer Queen maximum level increased from 60 to 65. Grand Warden maximum level increased from 30 to 40.