Is the Infiltrator class good in Mass Effect?

The Infiltrator is a tech-savvy warrior, able to win battles by quickly disabling and killing enemies. The Infiltrator class talent reduces heat buildup with pistols and sniper rifles while increasing damage for tech proximity mine explosions. …

What is the best specialization in Mass Effect 1?

1 Bastion (Adept And Sentinel) Those things alone would make the specialization really good for both Adepts and Sentinels. However, the main reason it’s so amazing is because of how it impacts your Stasis skill.

Which Mass Effect class is best?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – What is the Best Class for Mass Effect?

  • Engineer. Vanguard.
  • Sentinel. Infiltrator.
  • Adept. Soldier.
  • Adept. Engineer.
  • Vanguard. Soldier.
  • Sentinel. Infiltrator.
  • Soldier. Adept.
  • Engineer. Vanguard.

Can Infiltrator use biotics?

The Infiltrator should choose at least one biotic (Kaidan, Wrex, or Liara) to make up for its own lack of biotic talents. Kaidan, specializing in both biotics and tech, will not only fill the need for a biotic but allow for more crowd control and tech proximity mines to be used.

Is Vanguard good in Mass Effect?

The Vanguard combines these two skill-groups into the most effective close-combat class in the Mass Effect series. Living up to their name, Vanguards are always found at the front of the battle, using their combat and Biotic skills to push straight through enemy defenses.

Is Vanguard A good class Mass Effect?

Mass Effect Best Class – Vanguard Arguably the best class across all three Mass Effect games, the Vanguard really is the best of both worlds; combining the smash mouth, physical brutality of the Soldier class with the offensive biotic potential of the Adept class.

Can you play Mass Effect on mobile?

Mass Effect: Infiltrator, the mobile tie-in to Mass Effect 3, can now be purchased for Android smartphones and tablets through the Google Play Store.

Can infiltrators use assault rifles?

Assault Rifles The weapon itself is good across the board, particularly in late-game when you have access to more accurate rifles.