Is the National Infantry Museum free?

Admission Cost There is no admission fee, however, we ask that you consider a donation of $5 per person to help maintain this magnificent tribute to the Infantry Soldier. Separate charges apply to experience the Giant Screen Theater, Combat Simulators and Fife and Drum Restaurant.

Why is the infantry museum closed?

The museum has been closed to the public since mid-March in an effort to protect visiting Soldiers from the potential threat of exposure to COVID-19.

Does Fort Benning have a museum?

The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center is a museum located in Columbus, Georgia, just outside the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning….National Infantry Museum.

Established 2009
Location 1775 Legacy Way, Columbus, Georgia 31903, United States
Coordinates 32°23′22″N 84°57′19″WCoordinates: 32°23′22″N 84°57′19″W

Can you tour Fort Benning?

Tours and visits Each year Fort Benning hosts dozens of tour groups and on the installation. The MCoE is one of the busiest Army installations in the world as more than 16,700 military trainees are in training each week.

Is Fort Benning an open post?

The Main Gate/Visitor Center at Fort Benning is open 24/7. To request an access pass to post, you can go to the Fort Benning Visitor Control Center at the Interstate 185, Contractor Visitor Control Center on 8th Division Rd. in Harmony Church or submit a request via fax.

Where is Fort Benning Georgia?

Columbus, Georgia
Fort Benning is a U.S. Army base located in Mucoge and Chattahoochee counties near Columbus, Georgia. Covering 182,000 acres in west central Georgia and a small portion of its land in east central Alabama, it bears the moniker of Home of the Infantry.

What do you need to get on Fort Benning?

You will need the DL/ID that you used during pre-registration. Pass will not be available for pick up until the start date requested. Some Special Events may direct you to a specific gate for initial entry to Fort Benning.

Can civilians go onto Fort Benning?

A: Visitors may apply for unescorted access in person at any Visitor Control Center, using the Pass Request Online process and must pass the Army Adjudication Standards. Once favorably processed a visitors pass may be issued.

Can I get on Fort Benning with a felony?

Under the security guidelines, some visitors will be denied entry to Fort Benning. They include registered sex offenders, felons who have been convicted of murder and other serious crimes, acts to overthrow the government, showing up on a terrorist data base and other serious offenses.

What is Fort Benning famous for?

Fort Benning is the home of the United States Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, the United States Army Armor School, United States Army Infantry School, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly known as the School of the Americas), elements of the 75th Ranger Regiment, the 1st Security …

Is Fort Benning a training base?

Fort Benning seeks to be “First in training, First in readiness, and First in quality of life.” It comprises a large military community comprised of 120,000 active duty active-duty personnel, family members, reservists, retirees, and civilian employees.

Can you get on Fort Benning without a military ID?

Effective Jan. 1, 2015, those who attempt to enter Fort Benning without a government-issued identification card (Military ID, Military Dependent ID, Common Access Card, State Worker’s ID or Automated Installation Entry Card) will be subject to a background check before being allowed to enter the ins…