Is the Olympus Mju a film camera?

The Olympus mju-II, also known as the Stylus Epic, is a cult favorite film point-and-shoot that’s been increasing in both popularity and price over the past 10 years. A relic of the late 1990’s it offers a sharp 35mm F2.

Is Olympus Mju autofocus?

It has autofocus, a motor drive, and an automatic flash, and it’s powered by a CR123 (A) battery, which I still had lying around from testing the Olympus AF-10 Twin.

Is Olympus Mju I waterproof?

The Olympus mju Tough range, and previously the mju SW range, is a series of digital compact cameras designed for outdoor use in extreme conditions. They are all waterproof, and recent models are also shock proof and cold resistant.

How do I turn on my Olympus camera?

Press the n button to turn on the camera and enter the standby mode. (Press the n button again to turn off the camera.)

Is Mju II worth it?

The MJU ii does an incredible job with exposure, the 35/2.8 lens that it’s equipped with is fast and sharp. The photos below were shot on a variety of BW and color films and I’ve included the film used on every photo in the captions underneath each picture.

Is the Olympus Mju 1 GOOD?

The Olympus Mju-1 has a relatively slow f3. 5 lens. Wide-open it tends to be a little soft in the corners but not annoyingly so. The low-light performance without flash is passable but not great.

Is MJU II worth it?

Is the Olympus Stylus Epic waterproof?

What is genuinely useful though is that the Epic is “weatherproof,” meaning, the camera can tolerate getting a little wet, though you shouldn’t go swimming with it. The LCD screen shows the exposure number, flash mode (no flash in this instance), and that the camera is in “spot” meter mode.

How much does an Olympus Mju 2 cost?

At an average price of $250 (more for one that’s black, and much more for the rare and limited glittering burgundy model) the Olympus Mju II is one of the priciest point-and-shoot cameras of its type and time.

What film does Olympus Mju II use?

Film format: 35mm DX-coded film, ISO 50-3200.