Is the Warn 8274 Good winch?

The 8274 is probably the only winch that you can really actually modify, ie, twin motor, brake upgrade, freespool solenoid, pressurize the housing, easily cool the motor, lengthen the drum, modify the drum etc etc. The 8274 is the holy grail of winches for the competitions and for good reason.

What does a Warn 8274 weigh?

For generations the 8,000-pound-rated Warn winch model 8274 has been thebenchmark of power, speed, and reliability. With specs like a 52 feet per minute no-load line speed, a 2.5hp series-wound motor, and a reliable automatic disc brake, the 8274 was indeed the king of the hill.

How does the brake work on a Warn 8274?

Warn Industries It’s a safety thing. As to how it works, it’s a cam-actuated deal. When the drum begins to roll back, it activates the cams which squeeze the brake against the spur gear to hold it in place.

How many amps does a Warn 8274 pull?

Products specifications

Type Electric
Mounting Pattern Width (IN) 4-1/2 Inch
Includes Mounting Hardware No
Color Gray
Max Amp Draw/ Line Pull 480 Amp Draw/ 9000 Pound

What is the fastest winch?

Warn 8274-50 The 8274 has been around in one form or another for about a half century and still boasts the fastest winch line speed with a no-load rate of about 73 feet per minute. The 8,000-pound design uses a spur-gear drivetrain with an automatic disc brake system.

How much oil does a Warn 8274 take?

The tech article says to use 6 oz. of NON-Detergent 30W oil.

How do I identify an old warn winch?

Warn winches have the serial number either laser etched or stamped. In most cases the serial number is located on the gear housing side of the winch. It is important to know that many of the warn electric motors that drive the winch gear train also have serial numbers.

Does a winch draw power when not in use?

The winch doesn’t draw any current when it’s not in operation.

How do I make my winch faster?

To make your winch go faster, you need to increase the voltage to your motor. Hook a running truck to it and you should see a slight increase in speed, this is becaus of the elevated voltage during charging. ( more capacity will just allow it to run longer).

What is a God winch?

a god winch is a pto winch. It differs from common pto winches because it does not use a worm gearing, it uses a differential gearing, in this case a 90 series prado ifs diff with a 4.11 gearing making it very fast. down sides. – is it does not have a braking mechanism like a electric or worm. gear, it can “freespool” …