Is there a paint for Ubuntu?

This article is about the installation of two famous drawing applications on Ubuntu, that give you the same experience as MS Paint. These are the XPaint and Pinta tools. Both these applications can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Manager and from the command line.

What is the Ubuntu equivalent of paint?

mtPaint is a lightweight equivalent of Microsoft Paint. It is lighter (requires only 1 MB to install because it depends on GTK which Ubuntu has out-of-the-box) than Pinta, which needs 20 MB disc space on a standard Ubuntu install because of the Mono dependency. +1 for mtPaint. Comes with Lubuntu, works just fine.

How can I use paint in Ubuntu?

Open Source paint & drawing applications

  1. Pinta. Key Highlights: Great alternative to Paint.NET / MS Paint.
  2. Krita. Key Highlights: HDR Painting.
  3. Tux Paint. Key Highlights: A no-nonsense paint application for kids.
  4. Drawpile. Key Highlights:
  5. MyPaint. Key Highlights:
  6. KolourPaint. Key Highlights:
  7. Drawing. Key Highlights:

How do I download paint on Ubuntu?

The simplest way for installing the Pinta is to install it from “Ubuntu Software Center”. Search with the “Pinta” key word, and then, double click on the Pinta software found by you to install it.

How do I get MS paint on Linux?

Microsoft Paint is not available for Linux but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Linux with similar functionality. The best Linux alternative is Krita, which is both free and Open Source.

How do I open paint in Linux?

The 7 Best Open-Source Paint Alternatives for Linux

  1. Pinta.
  2. Krita.
  3. Tux Paint.
  4. Drawpile.
  5. MyPaint.
  6. KolourPaint.
  7. Drawing.

How do I install Gimp on Ubuntu?

Install GIMP From the Software Center To start, launch Ubuntu Software from the Applications menu and search for ‘gimp. ‘ Click on Install to download the GIMP package, and the system will get it up and running in no time.

How do I get MS Paint on Linux?