Is there a word recognizability?

(countable) The result of being recognizable. (uncountable) The quality of being recognizable.

Is it Recognisable or recognizable?

As adjectives the difference between recognisable and recognizable. is that recognisable is able to be recognised while recognizable is able to be recognized.

What does recognizably mean?

to a recognizable degree
Definitions of recognizably. adverb. to a recognizable degree. “he was recognizably slimmer now”

Is recognizable a real word?

Something that is recognizable is easy to recognize or identify.

What does it mean to recognize something?

1 : to acknowledge formally: as. a : to admit as being of a particular status recognize a precedent recognize a union specifically : to acknowledge (as a right, cause of action, or defense) as valid. b : to admit as being one entitled to be heard : give the floor to.

How do you spell recognize ation?

Recognise is an alternate spelling of the same verb. It means the same thing and can be used in all the same contexts. Recognise is more common in British English than it is in American English. That said, even the British prefer recognize—and have for some time.

Is memorability a word?

The quality or state of being memorable.

What are synonyms for the word memorable?

synonyms for memorable

  • catchy.
  • decisive.
  • enduring.
  • eventful.
  • extraordinary.
  • famous.
  • great.
  • historic.

How do you spell recognizable in the UK?

How do you spell Recognising in Australia?

Australian English spelling: s or z [recognize / recognise]

Is Recognised UK spelling?

The differences in British and American spelling

apologize or apologise Apologize
organize or organise Organize
recognize or recognise Recognize