Is Vallarta Adventures in Puerto Rico?

Vallarta Adventures is Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta’s premier tour and activity operator.

How long is the boat ride to Las Caletas?

between 60 & 90 minutes
The boat ride to Las Caletas is between 60 & 90 minutes depending on the departure location – It is a fun opportunity to sit back and enjoy a journey through one of the most beautiful Bays in Mexico!

Where is the hidden beach in Puerto Vallarta?

Marietas Islands
Playa Del Amor, commonly referred to as the Hidden Beach of Puerto Vallarta, is located in the Marietas Islands 22 miles west off the shore of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The beach features beautiful blue waters, all encased within an island cavern that only opens up to the sky above and the pacific ocean.

Are there whales in Banderas Bay?

The humpback whales are in the Banderas Bay from December to March. However, on some lucky occasions, you may be able to spot them as early as November or even as late as May.

Who owns Vallarta Adventures?

“It wasn’t like a business project or anything formal, I just started it as a hobby, and it kept growing and growing,” says Vallarta Adventures owner, Ricardo Farkas.

Can you see dolphins in Puerto Rico?

Bring your dreams to life with a chance to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta! Dolphin Adventures’ world-class dolphin and sea lion center is the best place to swim with dolphins and sea lions.

Are there sharks in Puerto Vallarta?

Sharks and Puerto Vallarta Due to the fact, Puerto Vallarta beaches are contained with a bay; it is considered extremely safe for swimming, and, for several decades, shark attacks have remained mostly unheard of.

What is the best month for whale watching in Puerto Vallarta?

Whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta begins in December and runs through to March. You can even sometimes spot whales as early as November or as late as May. However, the best time to see humpback whales in Puerto Vallarta is during the months of January and February.

Are there orcas in Puerto Vallarta?

Near Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta, thousands of humpback whales, dolphins, sperm whales, orcas and more converge on the warm waters to feed, mate and give birth to their young. Between the months of December and March are the peak times to catch sight of these incredible giants.

What does Puerto Vallarta mean in English?

A Puerto Vallarta translates to mean, “Vallarta Port” and it’s one of Mexico’s many Cruise Ship Ports. The Port was named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of the Mexican state of Jalisco where Puerto Vallarta resides.