Is Zendesk chat safe?

Zendesk Chat can be HIPAA compliant for Enterprise plan customers who follow the above-stated security configurations once a BAA is executed.

What is Zopim chat?

Zopim is an award winning, cloud based live chat platform that makes it easy for businesses to deliver fast customer service online. Businesses who sign up with Zopim are fanatics when it comes to delivering customer wow. More than 50,000 businesses use Zopim Live Chat to chat with their online customers everyday.

How much does zopim cost?

Paid plans start at US $14 for yearly subscriptions in their Basic plan and go up to $59 per operator in the Enterprise plan. Zendesk puts a lot of efforts into automation features. Certain phrases that are frequently used can be accessed via shortcuts.

Is Userlike chat any good?

Userlike is an excellent choice depending on the features you need. There are various strengths to consider in things like multilingual performance, chat and survey ratings, and CRM integrations.

Is Zendesk chat encrypted?

All communications with Zendesk UI and APIs are encrypted via industry standard HTTPS/TLS (TLS 1.2 or higher) over public networks. This ensures that all traffic between you and Zendesk is secure during transit.

Is Zopim same as Zendesk?

The entire Zopim team in Singapore has joined Zendesk. We acquired Zopim to accelerate our chat functionality and to bring our users a beautifully simple product they can use to engage their customers in real-time.

Can I use Zendesk for free?

Enjoy the benefits. Support is free to try. Zendesk Support is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing and solving customer support tickets: Put all your customer information in one place.

What can you do with Zendesk?

With Zendesk, the agents can work with tickets from any sources, including Help center request forms, emails, text chat, mobile phone, and from social media like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, your customers can connect with you through any channels they want.

Why do companies use Zendesk?

Zendesk gives businesses (both large and small) the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation, and scale their growth. Compared to our competitors, we offer a wide range of customer service tools for businesses of all sizes, at any stage.

Is Zendesk chat Hipaa compliant?

Answer. Zendesk provides a security feature that includes the ability to configure for HIPAA compliance. For more information, see the article: Advanced Compliance.