Should oxytocin be refrigerated?

Depending upon the manufacturer, oxytocin products should be stored at either controlled room temperature (25°C or less) or in refrigerated storage (2°- 8°C) in order to ensure quality and comply with the labelled storage conditions.

Can you purchase oxytocin?

According to, you can buy a bottle of oxytocin – a two-week supply – for only $29.95. Or if you really have trust issues, you can buy a year’s supply for just $179.95. The idea is to spray this “love drug” on yourself in the morning to elicit strong feelings of trust from those you encounter.

Can you buy oxytocin OTC?

Oxytocin-like sprays are available over the counter at reduced dosages but aren’t FDA approved. Instead, these lower-dose alternatives hit shelves as supplements or breastfeeding aids. Some marketers even list oxytocin sprays as a way to make more connections.

Do they still sell oxytocin?

Synthetic oxytocin, sold under the brand name Pitocin among others, is a medication made from the peptide oxytocin….Oxytocin (medication)

Clinical data
PubChem CID 439302
DrugBank DB00107
ChemSpider 388434

Does oxytocin expire?

Oxytocin parenteral solutions in the final concentration of 0.02 U/mL and diluted in normal saline are stable for at least 30 days under frozen and refrigerated conditions for 30 days.

Do you need a prescription for oxytocin?

In general, oxytocin should not be used to start labor unless there are specific medical reasons. Be sure you have discussed this with your doctor before receiving this medicine. This medicine is available only with your doctor’s prescription.

Can I buy Pitocin?

Pitocin is a brand-name prescription drug given as an injection when a woman is in childbirth. Generic Pitocin is supplied as “oxytocin.” However, Pitocin or oxytocin is purchased by the hospital from specialty pharmacies. The patient does not choose the brand or manufacturer.

Is there an oxytocin supplement?

The Oxytocin drug is a safe and potent supplement based on the naturally occurring hormone Oxytocin. It has far reaching benefits for the body and mind, including the ability to enhance orgasm experiences.

Why are oxytocin injections banned?

So why did Centre ban oxytocin? The central government asserted that oxytocin is used on milch cattle to enhance milk production, which has adverse effects on cattle as well as humans who drink the milk.

What happens if you give oxytocin injection to girl?

Under medical supervision, an oxytocin injection is sometimes used to start birth contractions or strengthen them during labor, and it helps reduce bleeding after delivery. Side effects include a rapid heartbeat and unusual bleeding. If too much oxytocin is delivered too rapidly, it can lead to a rupture of the uterus.