Was Brenda Strong in the 100?

In 2015, she joined the cast of the third season of The CW post-apocalyptic drama series The 100, playing the role of Nia, Queen of the Ice Nation. In 2016, Strong had a recurring role on season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead.

Was Brenda Strong on the original Dallas?

In 2012, Strong began starring as Ann Ryland Ewing on the TNT original drama series Dallas. The series is a continuation of the original series of the same name that aired on CBS from 1978 to 1991, and is not a reboot.

Who plays the Ice Queen in the 100?

Brenda Strong
EW has learned exclusively that the CW drama is adding a former Desperate Housewife to its ranks: Brenda Strong—also known for her role in the revived Dallas—will play Queen Nia of the Ice Nation.

How old is Brenda Strong?

62 years (March 25, 1960)Brenda Strong / Age

Why did Roan help Skaikru?

After recovering from his injury and because Ontari had been killed, Roan became the acting leader of the Coalition. Clarke entrusted him with the Flame in exchange for recognition of Lexa’s alliance with Skaikru.

What is Brenda Strong doing now?

She is currently working on a series of books to empower women, both fiction and non-fiction. Graduating with a degree in Musical Theatre from Arizona State University, she made her career debut with Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs and Aaron Sorkin’s Malice.

Who were Bobby’s wives on Dallas?

However, Bobby’s family were dismayed to discover that Bobby’s wife was Pamela Barnes (Victoria Principal, briefly Margaret Michaels), the daughter of Digger Barnes (Keenan Wynn, originally David Wayne) and the sister of Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), both of whom were arch-enemies of the Ewing family.

Is Brenda Strong married?

John Farmanesh-Boccam. 2015
Tom Henrim. 1989–2013
Brenda Strong/Spouse

Is Jasper chipped?

A.L.I.E.’s foot soldiers have insider information. After everything he saw at Luna’s rig, Jasper has voluntarily decided to take the chip. This tragic reveal is executed in a beautiful way. At first, Jasper appears to mend fences with Monty.

Is the ice Nation King chipped?

To be sure he’s not chipped, Bellamy shoots him in the arm. In Arkadia, Bellamy leads Roan in lock-up, calling him “Your Highness.” There, along with Clarke, apologizes for his arm and Roan replies saying that they are even.

Who is Brenda Strong married to?

Who is Sue Ellen on Seinfeld?

Brenda Strong is an American actress who portrayed Sue Ellen Mischke multiple times on Seinfeld; she first appeared in Season 7’s “The Caddy”, followed by “The Abstinence”, The Bottle Deposit (Part 1) and “The Betrayal”.