Was Snoop Dogg friends with Tupac?

Of course, given that Pac and Snoop were such key figures of the West Coast scene, you won’t be surprised to hear that both knew each other and, for a time, were great friends. Famously, the two confirmed their supremacy when Snoop guested on ‘2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted’ from All Eyez on Me.

What is the relationship between 2Pac and Snoop Dogg?

Many years after Tupac’s death, Snoop performed the song in front of the 2012 Coachella audience, alongside a hologram of Tupac. But they were more than just collaborators; the two were actually close friends (via HipHopHero).

Was 2Pac and Snoop Dogg best friends?

Snoop Dogg has revealed that the most valuable lesson he learned from the late rapper Tupac was to develop “a different kind of work ethic” as a musician. Snoop was a close friend and collaborator with the late rapper, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in September 1996.

Why did Tupac fall out with Snoop?

After being asked in an interview how he felt about Biggie and Puff, Snoop called them his ‘Homeboys. ‘ Tupac clearly felt betrayed by this, as the next time he saw Snoop he totally ignored him. That was the pair’s last encounter before Tupac died.

Are Puff Diddy and Dr. Dre friends?

I want y’all to be very clear. When all that bulls— and everything was going on, these two brothas was callin’ me and I was callin them and we always been friends. That’s always been my hero as a producer (pointing to Dre) and this has been one of my best friends (pointing to Snoop).

Are Puff Diddy and Dr Dre friends?

What did Tupac think of Dr Dre?

Tupac came to feel the same about Dre. He was bothered that Dre never showed up at Snoop’s trial, and he thought Dre didn’t do enough to support Death Row in its beef with Bad Boy Records. “[Tupac] was the one that pointed things out to us,” said Reggie Wright, Death Row’s head of security.