What animals did the Seminole Tribe hunt?

The Seminoles were farming people. Seminole women harvested crops of corn, beans, and squash. Seminole men did most of the hunting and fishing, catching game such as deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, turtles, and alligators.

What did the Seminole Tribe of Florida eat?

In addition to quail and duck, the Seminole tribe also brought deer, pigs, opossum, rabbits and the occasional bear to the table. The sea offered fish, turtles and oysters, and the industrious tribe skillfully cultivated a variety of grains, vegetables, roots and fruits. The Seminoles ate socially—and informally.

What kind of weapons did the Seminoles use?

The weapons used by the Seminole included, war clubs, knives, gunstock clubs, bows and arrows, spears and axes. The Europeans introduced muskets and then rifles.

How much money do Florida Seminole Tribe members get?

about $120,000 annually
Today, tribal members receive about $120,000 annually — more than triple the average salary in Florida. Each council member also controls an account, formerly called discretionary allocations and now known as reservation allocations, to spend on tribal members and events.

How did Seminoles hunt alligators?

The Seminole would “fire-hunt” alligators, using a burning torch to dazzle and freeze the bewildered target while a spearman in a canoe would stab it. Amerindian tribes were quick to adopt improved methods to kill.

What did the Seminoles eat for kids?

What did the Seminoles eat? The Seminoles were farmers and farmed crops like beans, squash and corn. Men hunted turkeys, rabbits, turtles and alligators.

How did the Seminoles cook?

In the past, however, Seminoles made flour for cooking from the roots of the wild coontie (Zamia) plant. They did not necessarily adhere to the “three meals per day” schedule, eating only when hungry.

Did the Seminoles have guns?

By the 18th century, the Seminole nation began using firearms for both hunting and war. Tribesmen quickly became skilled marksman by applying the principles they had learned from their long history with the bow and arrow.

Did Seminoles eat manatees?

Manatees first appeared in the shallow bays and rivers of the state about 15 million years ago, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Populations dwindled over the years, not because the Seminoles hunted them for food, but because of fishery conflicts, habitat loss and boat collisions.

How did the natives hunt?

In other areas of the country the American Indians hunted using weapons such as the bow and arrow or using snares and traps. They hunted deer, ducks, rabbits and other animals. In the coastal areas or near large lakes, tribes would specialize in fishing. They often used spears or nets to catch fish.