What are anti sandbagging provisions?

An “anti-sandbagging” clause is any provision that is designed to deny the buyer the benefit of any contractually bargained- for representation or warranty to the extent that the buyer is aware of the fact that the representation or warranty was untrue when made by the seller, at signing or, in some cases, either at …

Is Delaware Pro sandbagging?

The majority of cases in Delaware hold that Delaware is a pro-sandbagging state – i.e., as a default rule in Delaware, a party may successfully plead breach of contract even if it knew a representation was not true at the time it entered into a contract.

What is a materiality qualifier?

Materiality Qualifier means a qualification to a representation or warranty by use of the word “material,” “materially” or “materiality” or by a reference regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence or possible occurrence or non-occurrence of a Material Adverse Effect or a “materially adverse effect.”

Is sandbagging legal?

United States. Delaware and New York law both generally permit sandbagging when a contract is silent on the point, whereas California law does not allow it unless the contract explicitly permits it.

What is a cap in M&A?

What is a Cap? A “cap” is the upper dollar limit of the seller’s indemnification obligations to the buyer. It is the total amount of losses and damages a buyer is entitled to recover from the seller.

What is uncapped indemnification?

Uncapped Liability Contract means any Contract for the provision of goods, equipment or other products (together with associated services, if applicable) related to the Power Transmission business of the Company and its Subsidiaries with reasonably anticipated revenues over the life of such Contract in excess of …

What is a single scrape?

Said differently, a “single” materiality scrape provides that the materiality and MAE qualifiers will continue to apply in determine whether the seller has breached any of its reps and warranties, but, once a breach has been found to have occurred, the materiality and MAE qualifiers will be disregarded or “scraped” in …

What is a double scrape?

In a double scrape, materiality qualifiers are disregarded in order to determine both: whether a breach has occurred of a representation and warranty under the M&A agreement; and. the determination of damages or losses that qualify for indemnification under the agreement.

What does sandbag mean in law?

Legally speaking, “sandbagging” specifically refers to trial counsel’s intentional silence in the face of potential error with the hope of preserving the issue on appeal. (Black’s Law Dictionary, Ninth Edition.) More generally, however, it describes trial counsel’s failure to play fair.

What is sand bagging in M&A?

Sandbagging, a term borrowed from golf, is used in M&A parlance when a buyer seeks indemnity on a breach of a representation or warranty, in cases where the breach was known to the buyer, prior to closing the transaction.