What are some current events in Kenya?

Kenya News & Current Events

  • Economic Woes, Corruption, and Disasters Stifle Development.
  • Hopes for Reform Under New Administration Are Dashed.
  • Ethnic Violence Follows Disputed Presidential Election.
  • Kenyan Forces Invade Somalia to Fight Islamist Militants.
  • Four Prominent Kenyans Charged with Crimes against Humanity.

What is the biggest newspaper in Kenya?

The Daily Nation –
The Daily Nation – www.nation.co.ke It is the most influential newspaper in Kenya with a daily circulation of about 180,000 copies. It is East Africa’s largest newspaper.

Who owns the Star Kenya?

The Star (Kenya)

Type Daily newspaper
Publisher Radio Africa Group
Founded July 2007
Language English
Headquarters Nairobi

How has Kenya changed over time?

Kenya’s population has more than quadrupled since 1963, growing from more than 8.1m to more than 43m people. Today, Kenya has the sixth highest population in sub-Saharan Africa, behind Tanzania, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

What does the word Kenya mean?

Origin of name Kenya is named after a mountain of the same name. The Kikuyu people who lived around present day Mt Kenya referred to it as Kirinyaga or Kerenyaga, meaning ‘mountain of whiteness’ because of its snow capped peak.

Which is the oldest newspaper in Kenya?

It is the main rival to Kenya’s largest newspaper, the Daily Nation. In 1989, at a time when Kenya was going into multi-party era, the Standard Group acquired the KTN Television Channel. It is the oldest newspaper published in Kenya.

Who owns the Daily Nation?

Nation Media Group
Daily Nation

Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Nation Media Group
Founder(s) Charles Hayes
Founded 1958 as Taifa
Language English