What are the 9 knife cuts?

This article covers 9 of the most popular knife cuts: small, medium, and large dice; mince; rough chop; batonnet; julienne; rondelle; and chiffonade. For all these cuts, you’ll need a cutting board, a damp towel, and — of course — a chef’s knife.

What are the 5 basic knife cuts?

Julienne. The julienne cut is extremely common and now is even easier with the Zyliss julienne peeler.

  • Small Dice. Probably the most important is the small dice.
  • Chiffonade. “Chiffonade” is a fancy term for slicing or julienning leafy green vegetables or herbs such as basil.
  • Slice.
  • Tourne.
  • What are the 10 basic knife cuts?

    Kitchen Language: What Are The Basic Knife Cuts?

    • Baton. Thick cut chips or steak fries are cut in chunky batons about 8mm in thickness.
    • Batonnet. Some common foods cut in this style are French fries and crudites or vegetable sticks for dipping.
    • Julienne.
    • Brunoise.
    • Paysanne.
    • Chiffonade.

    What are the 6 knife cuts?

    1 – Julienne cut or matchstick cut. Julienne cut or matchstick is a common cut that is stick-shaped and very thin.

  • 2 – Brunoise dice or fine dice. This is the smallest dice and one of my favorites.
  • 3 – Batonnet.
  • 4 – Small dice.
  • 5 – Baton.
  • 6 – Medium dice.
  • 7 – Large dice.
  • 8 – Chiffonade.
  • What are 5 critical knife cuts you need to know?

    A strip cut begins by cutting the food into uniform planks. Next stack the planks and cut into uniform strips….Julienne

    • Fine Julienne – 1/16 inch × 1/16 inch × 2 inches.
    • Julienne – 1/8 inch × 1/8 inch × 2½ inches.
    • Allumette – ¼ inch × ¼ inch × 2½-3 inches.
    • Battonette – ½ inch × ½ inch × 2½-3 inches.

    What is an elongated slice called?

    Diagonal cut. An oval or elongated slice of a cylindrical fruit or vegetable. Similar to the rondelle, except that you must hold the knife at an angle to get an oval-shaped slice.

    What are the 4 basic knife skills?

    The Four Basic Knife Cutting Techniques Watch Chef Blake’s video to learn the proper methods of dicing, mincing, julienne, and chiffonade.

    What is Parmentier cut?

    Medium dice; (Parmentier); sides measuring approximately 1⁄2 inch (13 mm)