What are the castes in BC-B?

Entry No. Caste / Community
1 Agnikulakshatriya, Palli, Vadabalija, Bestha, Jalari, Gangavar, Gangaputra, Goondla, Vanyakulakshatriya (Vannekapu,Vannereddi, Pallikapu, Pallireddi) Neyyala, Pattapu
2 Balasanthu, Bahurupi
3 Budabukkala
4 Rajaka (Chakali, Vannar)

What is BC-A and BC-B caste?

Both BC-a and BC-b belong to same caste backward class but different sub caste. Both these different sub caste(BC-A and BC-B) differ in terms of reservation percentage. BC-A has less reservation when compared to BC-B.

What is the sub caste of BC C?

Entry No. Caste / Community Gazette Resolution
10 Jogi 12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt 10/09/1993 (size : 7.07MB)
11 Katipapala 12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt 10/09/1993 (size : 7.07MB)
12 Korcha, Koracha 12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt 10/09/1993 (size : 7.07MB)
13 Medari or Mahendra 12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt 10/09/1993 (size : 7.07MB)

Who comes under BC?

Bc (backward caste) comes under OBC category i.e other backward class which is collective term used by government of India to classify caste which are educationally or socially disadvantaged.

What is sub caste?

Definition of subcaste : a caste that is a subdivision of a larger caste The Hindu caste system is enormously complex, with thousands of subcastes grouped into four major divisions …— Barbara Crossette.

What is sub-caste?

Is BC and SC same?

bc means bacward class.sc means shedulded caste.st means shedulded tribes. obc means other backward class.

What are the sub caste in OBC?

Its report stated that prime beneficiaries of 97% OBC reservation includes Yadav, Kurmi, Jat (Jats of Rajasthan except those of Bharatpur and Dholpur district are in Central OBC list), Saini, Thevar, Ezhava and Vokkaliga castes.