What are the isolation precautions for meningitis?

Meningococcal meningitis patients should be placed on droplet precautions (private room, mask for all entering the room) until they have completed 24 hours of appropriate antibiotic therapy.

Is meningitis airborne or droplet precautions?

Bacterial meningitis is NOT spread through casual contact or the airborne route; however, some bacteria can be spread by close contact with respiratory droplets (e.g., in daycare centers).

Is meningitis transmitted through air?

An infected person’s throat secretions, like phlegm and saliva, contain bacteria. When that person coughs or sneezes the bacteria travel through the air. But most of the germs that can lead to bacterial meningitis aren’t contagious.

What PPE is used for meningitis?

Wear gloves and protective clothing such as a gown or lab coat, shoes, and a mask (if the spill may contain a respiratory agent or if the agent is unknown).

Which of the following precautions should be used for a patient with tuberculous meningitis?

TB airborne precautions should be initiated for any patient who has signs or symptoms of TB disease (suspected TB), or who has documented infectious TB disease and remains infectious in spite of treatment.

What are the precautions taken with clients with viral meningitis?

Should a person with viral meningitis be isolated? Strict isolation is not necessary. Since most cases are due to enteroviruses that may be passed in the stool, people diagnosed with viral meningitis should be instructed to thoroughly wash their hands after using the toilet.

How is meningococcal meningitis spread?

It spreads from person-to-person by coughing or coming into close or lengthy contact with someone who is sick or who carries the bacteria. Contact includes kissing, sharing drinks, or living together. Up to one in 10 people carry meningococcal bacteria in their nose or throat without getting sick.

How is meningitis transmissible?

The enteroviruses that cause meningitis can spread through direct contact with saliva, nasal mucus, or feces. They easily spread through coughing and sneezing. Direct or indirect contact with an infected person increases your risk of getting the same virus.

What are the precautions for viral meningitis?


  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after changing diapers or using the toilet.
  • Avoid close contact, such as touching and shaking hands, with people who are sick.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

What PPE is required for droplet precautions?

If on Droplet Precautions, the patient should wear a surgical- type face mask and follow cough etiquette when outside of their room. For patients in airborne infection isolation, the patient should also wear a surgical face mask and follow cough etiquette.

Which type of precaution should the nurse implement for the client diagnosed with septic meningitis?

If Meningococcal Meningitis is suspected patients should be isolated and droplet precautions continued for 24 hours after administration of appropriate antibiotics.

What are Tier 2 precautions?

Transmission-Based Precautions are the second tier of basic infection control and are to be used in addition to Standard Precautions for patients who may be infected or colonized with certain infectious agents for which additional precautions are needed to prevent infection transmission.