What are the most popular BBC shows?

Most Popular

  • Entertainment. The Apprentice. Lord Sugar is back in business.
  • Crime Drama. Peaky Blinders. New episodes every Sunday.
  • Drama. EastEnders.
  • Entertainment. Dragons’ Den.
  • Drama. Killing Eve.
  • Comedy. The Witchfinder.
  • Entertainment. The Apprentice: You’re Fired.
  • Documentary. The Real Peaky Blinders.

What TV show started in 2014?

1. Outlander (2014– )

What is voted the best TV series?

The 50 Best TV Shows of All Time

  • Seinfeld.
  • The Simpsons.
  • The Twilight Zone.
  • Mad Men.
  • Game of Thrones.
  • Breaking Bad.
  • The Wire.
  • The Sopranos. What is this?

What is the most watched TV show ever UK?

In the United Kingdom, viewing figures – the number of viewers or households watching a television programme, have been recorded by the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) since 1981….Most watched films.

Rank 1
Title Live and Let Die
Viewers (millions) 23.50
Date 20 January 1980
Network ITV

What is the most watched show on TV?


1. Super Bowl LV: Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City (CBS)
2. AFC Championship: Kansas City vs. Buffalo (CBS)
3. NFL Divisional Playoff: Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans (Fox)
4. NFL Sunday Night Football: Tampa Bay vs. New England (NBC)

What can a 12 year old watch on BBC iPlayer?

Best of Kids

  • Dodger. All episodes now available.
  • Silverpoint. NEW SERIES: Uncover the secret of Silverpoint woods.
  • The Next Step. The real drama happens off the dance floor.
  • Hey Duggee: Series 1-3. Every episode ever.
  • Bing. It’s a Bing thing!
  • The Dumping Ground: Series 1-9.
  • Alphablocks & Numberblocks.
  • JoJo & Gran Gran.