What are the threats to validity in assessment?

There are eight threats to internal validity: history, maturation, instrumentation, testing, selection bias, regression to the mean, social interaction and attrition.

What are the common problems in assessment?

Challenges in Assessment Process

  • #1 Assessment Challenge – Grading.
  • #2 Assessment Challenge – Change in Examination Pattern.
  • #3 Assessment Challenge – Teachers Assessment Issues.
  • #4 Assessment Challenge – Technological Issues.
  • #5 Assessment Challenge – Lack of Training.
  • #6 Assessment Challenge – Cost of Investment.

What are the three main concerns of validity?

The 1985 Standards urged a unified view of validity, but it organized much of its general discussion and specific standards in terms of three kinds of validity evidence (construct, content, and criterion).

What are the threats to reliability?

Threats to reliability are those factors that cause (or are sources of) error. After all, the instability or inconsistency in the measurement you are using comes from such error. Some of the sources of error in your dissertation may include: researcher (or observer) error, environmental changes and participant changes.

What is a testing threat?

During the selection step of the research study, if an unequal number of test subjects have similar subject-related variables there is a threat to the internal validity. For example, a researcher created two test groups, the experimental and the control groups.

What are the threats to external validity?

There are seven threats to external validity: selection bias, history, experimenter effect, Hawthorne effect, testing effect, aptitude-treatment and situation effect.

What are threats to internal and external validity?

Threats to external validity

Threat Explanation
Testing Participation in the pre-test influences the reaction to the ‘treatment’.
Sampling bias Participants of the study differ substantially from the population.
Hawthorne effect Participants change their behavior because they know they are being studied.

What is Selection threat to internal validity?

There really is only one multiple group threat to internal validity: that the groups were not comparable before the study. We call this threat a selection bias or selection threat. A selection threat is any factor other than the program that leads to posttest differences between groups.

What are the disadvantages of assessment?

The disadvantages of getting assessments in school is that it may demotivate students if they show poor performance in an exam. They are getting checked on the performance regularly which can develop a good understanding of the level the student is on and how to improve.

What are challenges in doing assessment in distance learning?

The main challenges identified in remote assessment were academic dishonesty, infrastructure, coverage of learning outcomes, and commitment of students to submit assessments. To minimize academic dishonesty, preparing different questions to each student was found to be the best approach.