What are University Michigan colors?

University of Michigan/Colors

What color is University of Michigan blue?

The University of Michigan colors are Maize and Blue. The nickname of the athletics team is the Wolverines. The color codes: RGB, CYMK for print, Hex for web and the Pantone colors can be seen below….Michigan Wolverines color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex.

Blue Hex color: #00274C
Pantone: PMS 7463 C

Why are Michigan’s colors maize and blue?

The blue was described as being “the blue of a summer sky” and the maize as “the yellow of ripe corn.” These colors are represented today on the university flag and the ribbons affixed to diplomas. In general, the Block M is in maize and the logotype component is in blue.

Is the University of Michigan prestigious?

Arguably one of the most prestigious public universities in the US, the University of Michigan is a fantastic choice for college, especially if you’re from Michigan.

Why is Michigan wearing black uniforms?

The Michigan men’s basketball team has a new look for Friday night’s game against Illinois. The Wolverines unveiled dark navy jerseys for their matchup against the 25th-ranked Illini in Champaign, Ill. “Dark mode activated,” the program’s Twitter account shared.

What Kind of Blue is University of Michigan?

Primary Palette — Signature Colors

Color Print Web Accessible Combination
Maize PMS: 7406 CMYK: C0, M18, Y100, K0 Aa Aa Blue (#00274C)
Blue PMS: 282 CMYK: C100, M60, Y0, K60 Aa Aa Maize (#FFCB05) Aa Aa White (#FFFFFF)

What are Tennessee’s colors?

Tennessee Volunteers football/Colors

Is University of Michigan hard to get into?

Getting accepted into the University of Michigan is challenging, but it is doable. Last year, only 26% of applicants were admitted. Out of 65,021 who applied, only 16,974 were accepted. Since the University of Michigan is selective, it’s important to have a strong application ready when you apply.

Is University of Michigan considered Ivy League?

Moll’s list of the Public Ivies consisted of 15 schools, including William & Mary, UC Berkeley, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Michigan, UCLA, and the University of Virginia.

What jersey will Ohio State wear against Michigan?

Although there were rumor circulating that Ohio State would be wearing its black alternate uniforms for Saturday’s game against Michigan State (12 p.m. on ABC), a school spokesperson said the Buckeyes will don their standard scarlet jerseys with gray pants against the Spartans instead.