What band is 222 MHz?

The 1.25-meter, 220 MHz or 222 MHz band is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum internationally allocated for amateur radio use on a primary basis in ITU Region 2, and it comprises frequencies from 220 MHz to 225 MHz.

What band is 200mhz?

C-Band Alliance reiterates 200 MHz is the ‘right number’ at 3.7-4.2 GHz.

What frequencies can a technician ham use?

Beta Program

Band Frequencies (In MHz) Modes You Can Use
40 meters 7.025 – 7.125 CW
15 meters 21.025 – 21.200 CW
10 meters 28.000 – 28.300 28.300 – 28.500 CW, RTTY/data, 200 watts PEP maximum power CW, phone, 200 watts PEP maximum power
Above 50 MHz All amateur privileges

What is 2 meter ham band?

The 2-meter amateur radio band is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum that comprises frequencies stretching from 144 MHz to 148 MHz in International Telecommunication Union region (ITU) Regions 2 (North and South America plus Hawaii) and 3 (Asia and Oceania) and from 144 MHz to 146 MHz in ITU Region 1 (Europe, Africa.

What is CW in ham radio?

As a true ham radio fanatic, my personal favorite ham activity is yakking with other hams in Morse Code, also called CW(for continuous waves). Morse Code has a mystique to it, it is an extremely cool method with which to communicate.

What is Ham simplex?

Simplex – In the amateur radio context, simplex operation means the radio stations are communicating with each other directly, on the same frequency. Both stations take turns transmitting and receiving on the same frequency with no repeater or other device in between.

What band is 136 MHz?

136-137 MHz: Space operations (space-to-Earth), meteorological-satellite service (space-to-Earth), and the space research service (space-to-Earth). Stations licensed prior to January 2, 1990 may continue to use this band on a secondary basis to aeronautical mobile service.

What is a tri band ham radio?

A tri-band radio is a communication device that has the ability to transmit and receive on multiple frequencies. Some of the potential frequencies include short-wave, VHF, UHF and BC band. Most tri-band radios are mobile devices and can switch back and forth between at least three frequencies.

What band is 136 174 MHz?

FCC range for VHF is 145.2-147.39 Mhz. This radio goes from 136-174 Mhz, well outside authorized range. FCC range for UHF is 442-450 Mhz. This radio goes from 400-520 Mhz.