What battery goes in a Traxxas Stampede?

HRB 10000mAh 7.4V 2-Cell Power Cell LiPo packs are ideal for all Rustler VXL, Stampede, Stampede 4×4, Bandit, Monster Jam, Telluride, Funny Car, and the Traxxas Spartan boats. Power Cell LiPo packs are engineered to give the punch and on-demand power to reach the top speeds Traxxas models are built to achieve.

What is the difference between LiPo and NiMH batteries?

The biggest difference between NiMH and LiPo batteries is the chemical properties that enable the charging of the batteries. NiMH (Nickel-metal hybrid) uses nickel-based technology and LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries use a lithium-ion technology.

How long does it take to charge a 7 cell Traxxas battery?

You can also use time to determine how full it is; the standard 3000mAh 8.4V NiMH battery Traxxas ships with its trucks should take about 45 minutes to charge fully with Traxxas chargers — if the charge time is significantly less than that, it’s probably false peaked.

Can I use a LiPo battery with a Traxxas Stampede?

Therefore, the Lipo battery is undoubtedly a good choice for your Traxxas Stampede. However, you should be aware of some features of the Lipo battery.

What does 25C mean on a LiPo battery?

Nash Ortiz 30th June 2018 – 9:31 pm. Try looking for batteries with at least 10 *AMPS* (important amps not C rating) higher than the constant draw from your motor(s). Example: Motor @ Max 25Amp. Then Batt: *1500mAh *25C = 37.5 Amp. (1500×25/100) (or1.5×25) = 37.5.

Do LiPo batteries last longer than NiMH?

Most people will eventually upgrade to LiPo after getting used to running their RC car or buggy on a NiMH battery. The main attractions to LiPo batteries are more speed, more “punch” off the line and more consistent power during the duration of the run compared to NiMH batteries.

Can you replace NiMH batteries with LiPo?

If you are replacing electric powered plane batteries, then lipos are a good choice. A 2S LiPo of the same mah should replace each of the packs you listed. The LiPo will be 8.4V but that should work OK for the 8.4 and 7.2 packs.

Why do Traxxas LiPo batteries swell?

Your Traxxas LiPo battery is swelling due to electrolyte decomposition, which generates gases in lithium batteries. The gases are carbon monoxide and dioxide, whose processing induces swelling of the LiPo battery.

How long does a 5000mAh NiMH battery last?

5000mah is plenty. Quote: 20-35 minutes. depending on gearing and your driving habbits if your full throttle all the time less runtime if your doing a littl eof everything slow and fast your battery will last longer.

What is the difference between a 25C and 35C LiPo?

The 25C batteries will only be able to supply ~70% of the current as the original 35C. This means less power available and also less time before voltage sag is to great to fly. It has nothing to do with capacity but even still, expect reduced effective flight times.