What causes Periungual fibroma?

Multiple periungual fibromas are a rare form of benign tumors composed of connective tissue. Patients can acquire periungual fibromas but they are most commonly a consequence of tuberous sclerosis complex. These benign tumors often put excessive pressure on the nail matrix, causing pain, discomfort and nail deformity.

How is Periungual fibroma treated?

Periungual fibromas are most often treated by surgical resection, with a high recurrence rate. Other authors have used CO 2 laser8 or electrodesiccation. The main problem of these treatments is that the conservation of proximal fold and the integrity of nail plate are not always possible.

What is a Periungual fibroma?

Periungual fibromas are rare benign dermatologic lesions that may be acquired or associated with tuberous sclerosis or von Recklinghausen’s disease. Periungual fibromas may place excessive pressure on the nail matrix, resulting in the potential for extensive nail pathologic conditions and pain.

What is adenoma Sebaceum?

Adenoma sebaceum refers to the reddish-brown papular rash found characteristically in a “butterfly” distribution over the face. This rash is a pathognomonic hallmark of tuberous sclerosis and is very sensitive, occurring in over 85% of patients.

How is tuberous sclerosis inherited?

Tuberous sclerosis complex has an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance, which means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to increase the risk of developing tumors and other problems with development.

When do ash leaf spots appear?

Discussion. Hypopigmented macules, also known as “ash-leaf spots,” can be present at birth and are most common on the trunk and lower extremities. They appear in 80 percent of persons with tuberous sclerosis by one year of age.

What is a facial Angiofibroma?

Facial angiofibromas are hamartomatous growths that appear as multiple small, pinkish, erythematous papules that tend to coalesce to form plaques. They usually appear on the central part of the face bilaterally and symmetrically, and they characteristically affect the nasolabial folds.

Is tuberous sclerosis contagious?

Tuberous sclerosis is a genetic condition. That means it is caused a change in your genes, the elements that make your body. Sometimes, it can be passed down through a family. If one parent has it, every child born to that parent has up to a 50% chance of inheriting it, too.

Is tuberous sclerosis autosomal dominant?

What does Periungual mean?

Medical Definition of periungual : situated or occurring around a fingernail or toenail.

What causes fibrous papule on nose?

Fibrous papules of the nose It is formed from excessive skin tissue and blood vessels. The blood vessels make it look pink. Even so, a fibrous papule does not usually bleed. A fibrous papule develops in teenage years or early adulthood.