What channel is Ordinary Lies on?

BBC OneOrdinary Lies / NetworkBBC One is a British free-to-air television network owned and operated by the BBC, which operates a public television service. Wikipedia

How many episodes are in season 1 of Ordinary Lies?

Ordinary Lies is a British television drama series that was first broadcast on BBC One on 17 March 2015. The six-part first series, written by Danny Brocklehurst, is set in a car showroom….

Ordinary Lies
No. of episodes 12 (list of episodes)
Executive producer Nicola Shindler
Producer Tom Sherry

How many episodes are there of Ordinary Lies?

12Ordinary Lies / Number of episodes

Where was Ordinary Lies filmed season1?

BBC series Ordinary Lies filmed in Newport.

Is Ordinary Lies on BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer – Ordinary Lies.

What happened to Viv Ordinary Lies?

After swallowing their balls of illegal substances, disaster struck as Viv (Cherrelle Skeete) was apprehended at the airport and promptly thrown into a Dominican Republic jail – not ideal.

What happened to Viv in Ordinary Lies?

How old is Ruby in Ordinary Lies?

The 22-year-old actress portrayed 15-year-old Ruby – the daughter of Max Beesley’s character Mike – in a challenging storyline which saw her alter-ego grow close to older mechanic Rick, played by 26-year-old Shazad Latif.

When did Ordinary Lies come out?

March 17, 2015Ordinary Lies / First episode date

Who is Marty’s wife in Ordinary Lies?

Episode 1: ‘Marty’ Knowing he is on thin ice, Marty calls work and, in a panicked attempt to save his job, tells the drastic lie that his wife, Katrina, has tragically died.

How old is Holly Earl?

29 years (August 31, 1992)Holly Earl / Age

How old was poppy in Skins?

Poppy Champion
Age: 14
Status: Alive
Education: Student