What companies are part of the Orange Business Services brand?

Orange Business Services was founded on 1 June 2006, through a rebranding and consolidation of the existing France Telecom businesses of Equant and Wanadoo. Orange Business Services also acquired giants like Business & Decision and Basefarm in recent years who specializes in Analytics, Data Science, Cloud etc.

What is the best background color for a business card?

black backgrounds
The best colors for business cards are black backgrounds or pops of red because they stand out the most. That said, the colors that grab the most attention won’t always match your client’s needs. If your client already has a corporate color scheme that they use for their other branded materials, more power to you.

What services does Orange offer?

Internet and networks.

  • Fixed-line and VoIP telephony.
  • Mobility.
  • Collaboration and remote working.
  • Security.
  • Cloud.
  • Customer experience.
  • Data intelligence and IoT.
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    What are the best colors for business logos?

    24 inspiring logo color combinations —

    • Blue and gold. Warm colors aren’t the only bold colors, though.
    • Purple and yellow.
    • Deep orange, turquoise and navy.
    • Natural green and brown.
    • Orange, yellow and red.
    • Navy blue and light pink.
    • Shades of green and blue.
    • Light purple and beige.

    Where does orange Telecom operate?

    Since 2005, Orange has become the global brand for France Telecom’s mobile and Internet operations in 13 countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Botswana, and Madagascar.

    Where is orange available?

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    What is a tagline on a business card?

    A tagline for a business card is a brief phrase that communicates information about your company, brand or products that your logo or business name can’t explain.