What country is Tortona in?

Tortona, Latin Dertona, town and episcopal see, Piemonte (Piedmont) regione, northwestern Italy, on the Scrivia River, east of the city of Alessandria.

Where in Italy is the Piedmont region located?

northwestern Italy
Piedmont, Italian Piemonte, regione (region), northwestern Italy, comprising the province (provinces) of Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Cuneo, Novara, Torino, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, and Vercelli.

What language is spoken in Turin?

Piedmontese language

Native to Italy
Region Northwest Italy: Piedmont Liguria Lombardy Aosta Valley
Native speakers 2,000,000 (2012)
Language family Indo-European Italic Romance Western Gallo-Romance Gallo-Italic Piedmontese

What wine is Piemonte known for?

Piemonte wine is the range of Italian wines made in the region of Piedmont in the northwestern corner of Italy. The best-known wines from the region include Barolo and Barbaresco. They are made from the Nebbiolo grape.

What does Nebbiolo wine taste like?

The Taste of Nebbiolo Wine Despite its tannic structure, the wine’s fruity flavors of cherry and raspberries, supported with aromas of rose and anise, always seem to shine through. In cooler years, Nebbiolo gets a bit herbaceous with more sour cranberry fruit, rose hip and leather and red clay minerality.

Is Piemonte same as Piedmont?

The Piemonte, or Piedmont region, borders France in northwestern Italy. Piemonte is known for its wines and fall truffles, mountains with ski resorts in the west and north, and the city of Turin.

What language is spoken in Piemonte?

While Italian is the main language spoken in the Piedmont area, many inhabitants speak Piedmontese as a second language, meaning that there are around two million speakers of the language today. What is this? The word ‘piedmont’ derives from the Latin phrase ‘ad pedem montium,’ meaning at the foot of the mountains.