What did Cassin Young do?

Cassin Young (March 6, 1894 – November 13, 1942) was a captain in the United States Navy who received the Medal of Honor for his heroism during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

What class is the USS Cassin Young?

Fletcher-class destroyer
USS Cassin Young

United States
Class and type Fletcher-class destroyer
Displacement 2,050 tons
Length 376.4 ft (114.7 m)

What happened to the USS Cassin?

During the attack, a low order detonation by a 250 kg (550 lb) bomb on Downes ruptured her fuel tanks, causing uncontrollable fires on board both Downes and Cassin. Cassin slipped from her keel blocks and rested against Downes. Both ships were considered lost, and Cassin was decommissioned as of 7 December 1941.

Did the USS Cassin sink?

Finally, when the drydock was partially flooded as a precaution against an attack on its entrance caisson, Cassin came partially afloat and capsized against her consort. The fires caused additional, but superficial, damage to Pennsylvania’s bow, and the two destroyers were almost completely wrecked.

What Navy ship is in Boston Harbor?

the USS Constitution
After over 200 years in the Navy, Constitution still calls Charlestown home and relies on the same facilities for maintenance and repair. Today, the USS Constitution occasionally sails through Boston Harbor for special anniversaries and commemorations.

Was the USS Tennessee at Pearl Harbor?

Tennessee was moored in Battleship Row when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, which brought the United States into World War II….USS Tennessee (BB-43)

United States
Builder New York Naval Shipyard
Laid down 14 May 1917
Launched 30 April 1919

Was the USS Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor?

When Japan attacked on 7 December 1941, Pennsylvania, flagship of the United States Fleet, was in drydock at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard. Her relatively light damage was repaired over the next few months, and she operated along the U.S. west coast and off Hawaii until October 1942.

Did the USS Pennsylvania sink at Pearl Harbor?

After being used as a target ship for the atomic bomb tests of Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll, the USS Pennsylvania was decommissioned on August 29, 1946 and on February 10, 1948, she was sunk just off Kwajalein.

Is the USS Pennsylvania still active?

She was decommissioned on August 29, 1946 and was scuttled (sunk on purpose) at sea off the island of Kwajalein on February 10, 1948. The bell of the U.S.S. Pennsylvania rests on the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University.