What did Fiver and Hazel see?

Book and Film Fiver discovers a man made notice board near the Sandleford Warren, and becomes terrified by a vision of a field covered with blood and together with Hazel, warn the Sandleford Chief that a great danger is coming to the warren.

Is Hazel different from Fiver?

Terms in this set (35) Fiver is the runt (small), has a 6th sense (visions), and he is sheepish. Hazel is bigger, leader-like, and courageous.

What does the black rabbit say to Hazel?

[Hazel looks at all the younger rabbits of Watership Down] Black Rabbit: You needn’t worry about them. They’ll be all right, and thousands like them. If you come along now, I’ll show you what I mean.”

Is Hazel a boy or girl in Watership Down?

Hazel, also known as Hazel-rah by the Watership Down rabbits, is a brave and intelligent buck, the main protagonist in Watership Down, and a character in Tales from Watership Down.

What type of animals are Fiver and Hazel in Watership Down?

Hazel: The protagonist, Fiver’s older brother; he leads the rabbits from Sandleford and eventually becomes the Chief Rabbit. Fiver: A runt rabbit whose name literally means “Little Thousand” indicates that he is the smallest of a litter of five or more rabbits) and Hazel’s younger brother.

What is Fiver role in Watership Down?

Fiver guides the group through their travels, although he acts indirectly, through his brother. Hazel looks to Fiver for guidance, and when Fiver has a bad feeling about something the other rabbits rarely ignore him.

What does Hazel do in Watership Down?

Hazel is the protagonist of Watership Down, and he is the leader of the band of rabbits who leave their home to found a new warren. Although Hazel is young and not very big, he possesses many traits that make him a good leader.

Who does Fiver mate with in Watership Down?

Vilthuril is a doe born in Efrafa who is liberated by Bigwig and becomes Fiver’s mate some time after her escape. She is one of the two does that gives birth to litters (the other being Hyzenthlay to Hazel’s litter) after the final conflict with Efrafa.

What gift did Frith give to the rabbits?

However, Frith gave him the gifts of speed, cunning, digging, and a good sense of hearing, and he told him that his people no longer cover the world, but as long as they used the gifts he gave to them, they will never perish.

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