What do YKK zipper numbers mean?

Zipper Size Zippers are sized with a number designation (e.g. #5, #10). These numbers are based on the approximate width of the zipper teeth in millimeters when the zipper is closed. So a #5 zipper’s teeth measure approximately 5mm across, a #10 zipper’s teeth measure approximately 10mm across, and so on.

What is a Vislon zip?

The VISLON® zipper is made of injected plastic elements, such as polyacetal resin. It is lighter than metal zippers of the same size. Rich element color variations are created by formulating the color pigment during the injection process.

What is Vislon chain?

YKK® #10 Vislon® Zipper Chain is a UV treated, Delrin continuous zipper chain. Vislon zippers are made with Delrin plastic teeth molded to the fabric tape edges. This construction makes them strong and practically weather proof, having been designed to resist damage from ultraviolet rays and corrosion.

Is YKK Vislon waterproof?

YKK’s water repellent zipper type for the AquaGuard® series, is a polyurethane laminated tape on a VISLON® zipper. The new element design provides enhanced water resistance while increasing the number of design and color options for your application.

What is difference between #3 and #5 zippers?

#3 zippers have teeth that are 3mm wide, and almost always have tape that is 1″ wide. #5 zippers have teeth that are 5mm wide, and the tape is around 1.25″ wide.

How do you read a YKK zipper?

YKK Zipper Sizes and Styles: How to Read YKK Product Numbers

  1. #8 = chain size (8mm chain width)
  2. Separating = zipper has finished ends.
  3. Automatic Lock = slider locks in place (also called AutoLok)
  4. Short Single Pull Metal = all descriptors for the type of slider.
  5. VF = VISLON.
  6. U = reversible automatic lock.
  7. V = black nickel.

Who makes YKK zippers?

The YKK Group
The YKK Group (YKKグループ, Waikeikei Gurūpu) is a Japanese group of manufacturing companies. As the world’s largest zipper manufacturer, YKK Group is most known for making zippers. It also manufactures other fastening products, architectural products, plastic hardware and industrial machinery.

What is a continuous zip?

Continuous Zips. These zippers do not have a beginning or an end point (no starter box or zipper stops). Continuous zippers are usually sewn into a project at both ends like on a bag, tent or cushion. A wide variety of colours, sizes and different style of pullers to suit all uses.

How do waterproof zippers work?

Waterproof zippers have the coils (teeth) hidden at the back of the zipper, a rubber or PVC coating covers the front of the zip when it is closed making it completely waterproof.

Can zippers be airtight?

TIZIP SuperSeal zippers are airtight and waterproof zippers, which, when installed in your packraft, allow you to store gear inside the tubes and access the inside of the tubes, making repairs easy.