What do you do in NJROTC?

What does the NJROTC program do?

  • Promotes Patriotism.
  • Develops informed and responsible citizens.
  • Develops respect for constructed authority.
  • Develops leadership potential.
  • Promotes high school completion.
  • Promotes higher education.
  • Promotes community service.

Is Cooper City High School a good school?

Cooper City High School is ranked #2,112 in the National Rankings….Ranking Factors.

Ranking Factors National State
College Readiness Index Rank #2,479 #172
College Curriculum Breadth Index Rank #2,418 (tie) #130
Math and Reading Proficiency Rank #3,255 #110
Math and Reading Performance Rank #5,391 #182

Does Cooper City High School have dual enrollment?

Advanced Academics at Cooper City High School Cooper City High School offers highly rigorous courses: Advanced Placement, AICE Cambridge, Dual Enrollment, and CTE courses.

What city is Cooper City High School in?

Cooper City, Florida
Cooper City High School, also referred to as CCHS, is a high school located in Cooper City, Florida which teaches grades 9-12….

Cooper City High School
9401 Stirling Road Cooper City , Florida 33328 United States
Type Public
Motto “Home of the Cowboys”

What are the benefits of being in NJROTC?

NJROTC cadets are better behaved, have higher attendance, are role models for the avoidance of substance abuse, have higher self-esteem, develop positive life skills, on average have higher grade point averages and graduate at a higher rate.

What is the major training goal of the NJROTC program?

What is the “major” training goal of the NJROTC Program? This records your grades, your attendance, your honors and awards, performance on standardized tests, and other information about your high school career.

What rank is Cypress Bay High School?

Cypress Bay High School 2021 Rankings Cypress Bay High School is ranked #500 in the National Rankings.

How many students attend West Broward High School?

2,589West Broward High School / Number of students (2021–2022)

When did Cooper City High School open?

September 1971Cooper City High School / Founded

How Far Is Cooper City from the beach?

about 10 miles
Cooper City is about 10 miles inland from Florida’s Atlantic coast, southwest of Fort Lauderdale and northwest of Hollywood. Heading roughly due east from Cooper City, beachgoers can take their pick of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, which extend northward, or Hollywood’s beaches to the south.

How do I join NJROTC?

To join JROTC, look for it as an elective in your school’s class offerings. High schools without their own JROTC program often have reciprocity agreements with nearby schools that do offer JROTC, so students at a school without a program will be allowed to participate in a nearby school’s program.

Is joining ROTC a good idea?

If you think a military career is right for you, ROTC can be a great option. You’ll gain plenty of leadership skills, discipline, and maturity, not to mention a head start on a rewarding career.