What does 2 RAR do?

A 2017 article in the Australian Infantry Magazine stated that in its specialist role, 2 RAR “will be responsible for amphibious reconnaissance and surveillance, small boat operations, battle space shaping and limited scale raiding in support of a Joint Amphibious Task Force”.

Where is 2 RAR based?

The battalion is currently based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville where it forms part of the 3rd Brigade. Most recently it has been selected to become the Army’s trial amphibious battalion.

What brigade is 2RAR in?

2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

Places 38th Parallel Buso River
Battle Honours 2RAR – The Samichon Korea 1950-1953
Decorations 4 OBE; 4 MBE; 1 MC; 6 MM; 1 BEM; 11 MID
Conflict Korea, 1950-1953

Does Australia have a SEAL team?

The special forces of Australia have a lineage to a variety of units raised in the Second World War such as the Independent and Commando Companies, Z Special Unit, Navy Beach Commandos, and the Coastwatchers.

Who is 2nd RAR?

2 RAR was initially formed as the Australian 66th Battalion in 1945 as part of the 34th Brigade (Australia) and since then it has seen active service during the Korean War, Malayan Emergency and Vietnam War.

What does 2 RAR stand for?

This site does not attempt to write the history of the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (2 RAR) but aims to give a brief insight to the history and traditions earned by the service of those who have gone before.

What happened to 2 RAR and 3 RAR?

The following day, as reinforcements arrived at the dock by sea, 2 RAR was relieved by 3 RAR (Para), who’s Admin Company took over the task of guarding the docks, freeing up 2 RAR to continue further operations around Dili.

How many died in the 2nd RAR?

Total 2 RAR casualties for both tours were 32 killed and 182 wounded. New Zealand casualties over both tours were 10 killed and 57 wounded. Balanced against this, the battalion was credited with having killed 297 VC and captured a further 23.