What does AMB stand for electrical?

Rating or AMB AMB stands for ambient temperature. The rating or AMB is the maximum room temperature or air space where the motor is located and time it can safely operate under those conditions.

What does the SP symbol represent electrical?

SP and DP refer to single pole and double pole, ST and DT refer to single throw and double throw. Pole refers to the number of circuits controlled by the switch: SP switches control only one electrical circuit.

What does STR stand for in electrical?

Stranded copper
STR CU Stranded copper. SWA Steel wire armour.

What is WP on electrical plan?

WP. Weatherproof or Waterproof. XFMR. Transformer. Article Updated: February 15, 2021.

What does NC stand for in electrical?

A classic switch has one input and one output. It can be NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed).

What does SP mean on 2 way switch?

A Single Pole (SP) Switch One terminal functions as the incoming wire from the power source, and the other functions as the outgoing one to the fixture. Most SP switches also have a ground terminal to connect the circuit’s ground wire. As a general rule, you do connect the neutral wires to switches.

What does MSB stand for electrical?

The main switchboard (MSB) is the electrical device that is necessary for the supply, accounting and redistribution of power. MSB protects the network from increasing current (overload), short circuit and current leak.

What do FTR mean?

Overall, the trending abbreviation FTR stands for “for the record.” This phrase is used before saying something important, and could also be used to indicate distance or disagreement with what the speaker is about to say. This phrase is most often used on social media or in SMS text messages.

What does DeX stand for?

What Does DeX mean? DeX is a contraction of the words Desktop Experience. It is the name chosen by Samsung electronics for their android application and their docking station. Indeed, from the moment you connect your Samsung device to the docking system, you can power the Android DeX interface from your mobile.

What does Gdo mean on electrical panel?

My panel also has a G.D.O. What’s that? – Gabriel Staples. May 19, 2021 at 17:54. It may be “Garage Door Opener.” Going to check now…

What is shunt trip?

A shunt trip device is an optional accessory in a circuit breaker that mechanically trips the breaker when power is applied to the shunt trip terminals. The power for the shunt trip does not come from within the breaker, so it must be supplied from an external source.